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Jungle Scout Discount & Coupon 2021/Summer Prices

Jungle Scout Discount & Coupon 2021/Summer Prices

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Comprehensive Guide on Jungle Scout

let’s help you get sell on amazon, with ease using Jungle scout

Jungle Scout Discount & Coupon 2021/Summer Prices

jungle scout


Facts you know; Amazon is a platform that you can leverage and set up your own store. They are a dominant online retailer and they sell everything from tennis shoes to toilet paper and high-end electronics.

The Amazon business allows sellers to market their products on their site. So, this means that you can take advantage of the brand name’s reach and influence and float a successful store.

This is where Jungle Scout comes into play. Jungle scout is an Amazon research tool that aids amazon sellers to find winning products, estimate sells, spy on competitors and research keywords.

The primary function of jungle scout is to show users the easiest products to grow your business with, and which are most profitable. Greg Mercer founded this awesome research tool in 2014.

In this article, we would do  comprehensive jungle scout reviewits features, pricing and pros and cons.


The Features of Jungle Scout

Jungle scout is a marketing software,

you know right?

They designed the marketing tools  for the Amazon FBA business owner geeks

With the Features of Jungle Scout, Amazon FBA business owners can thrive and expand. Let us now see a complete review of the features of Jungle Scout.

in this articles, Jungle Scout Discount & Coupon 2021/Summer Prices,

We would start the review with jungle scout database

#1. Jungle Product Database

With the Jungle scout marketing software, you will have access to a product database that comprises over 70 million products. These products are fetched directly from the Amazon catalog. With Jungle Scout, it is simple to organize and view all product ideas regarding your search query.

Jungle Scout software has programmed pre-set filters that allow a user to discover potential products easily and come up with ideas that are in line with your business. They are one of the best marketing research tools that aid marketers in research ideas.

The pre-set filters mentioned earlier on help you with data about estimated sales, sales rank, and revenue. This tool is excellent for filtering through products that meet your marketing needs.

The Jungle Scout Product database can also help you streamline your FBA business. It is because of this that they made available an In-app FBA Profit Calculator. With this integration, you can easily keep track of potential fees and overhead costs to manage your products properly.

#2. The product Tracker Feature of Jungle Scout

This integration helps users to track their product ideas in Jungle Scout for over a period. An Amazon FBA business owner can check out a product’s rank, revenue and sales with this tool. You can craft out a productive strategy for success when you can check the metrics of potential ideas- Jungle Scout Product Tracker can do this!

#3. The keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is currently the number one tool for effective and comprehensive keyword research for Amazon. This professional tool allows you to find the best keywords from data fetched from search queries of Amazon customers.

This tool helps you to study how some keywords have performed in the past, so that you can make better informed Marketing decisions. You can use the search queries of potential customers for amazon and integrate it with your Amazon FBA business strategy.

#4. Opportunity Finder

They developed this tool to aid private label sellers during the phase of their product research. The focus of this tool of Jungle Scout’s is to make product research less vigorous.

You can perform in-depth analytics that can help your business to discover a profitable market niche to pursue. With the Filters of the opportunity finder tool, you can quickly identify seasonality and top products in a niche.

#5. The Supplier Database Feature

The supplier Database is another resourceful feature of jungle scout that gives users access to a database of all global suppliers.

This helps Amazon FBA business owner to filter through different suppliers by viewing their shipments and volume.

If you are looking into specific products on amazon and want to know the supplier, the supplier database will aid you to match products/ product ideas related to your product niche to factories for your continence.

If you are more interested in providing niche products, the supplier Database feature will assist you in this area as well. This feature would show you factories that manufacture similar products.

Within seconds, you can find a supplier using the “search by ASIN feature” and save your time and energy. The supplier tracker helps to stay focused and better manage your supplier database. The moment you contact the supplier, agree, you can use the supplier tracker to create purchase orders.

Jungle Scout Discount & Coupon 2021/Summer Prices

ASIN search

Jungle scout coupon code

#6. Launch

They designed this tool with the interest of the Amazon FBA business owner in mind. The launch tool in Jungle scout helps business owners to connect with customers and drive revenue.

Another important feature of Launch worth mentioning is that they enhance customer experience while increasing conversions. This tool also offers promotional features and direct email outreach that helps the user garner more sales.

The sellers that work via email outreach see more engagement and conversions. When you automate email processes like order confirmation or shipping updates, your customers would be happy and this would help reduce negative feedback.

Launch tool of Jungle scout has the functionality that allows for automated email outreach.

#7. Sales Analytics

It is futile and frustrating to run a business that you cannot track its sales and engagement. It is for this reason that the Jungle Scout marketing software introduced the Sales Analytics feature. They build this integration of jungle scouts to help Amazon FBA business owners to evaluate their sales, engagement and conversion in real time.

The subscribers of jungle Scout can view data over a period. This data would give them insights that they need to optimize their business strategy so they can maximize profit. They can also view supplier details and individual product performance rates.

#8. The Inventory Manager                                       

An important part of your Amazon FBA business is to keep track of your inventory. With the inventory tools of Jungle Scout, you have lessened the burden of inventory management.

You, as a business owner, can predict the amount of stock that you need. In Amazon FBA inventory data is real-time as you can check out the spots where your inventory levels are at. With this data, the Amazon FBA business owner can choose how much stock he/she wants to order.

The Inventory manager of Jungle scout can calculate the date of when you should order and how much you should order. This feature also gives data on the costs and profits at the transactions of ordering specific stock.

The inventory manager of jungle scout also has other beneficial tools that you would find useful including daily sales, engagements and reach. This tool helps eliminate the scenario of ordering for stock when you do not need it.

#9. Extension

The Jungle Scout Marketing research tool has a Google chrome extension. The team built the extension to the Jungle Scout Software.

Once you have this extension installed on your chrome browser, you can search for a product using keywords on Amazon. You could access real-time data on these products. Some data you would retrieve include google trends, statistics of products, and sales data.

Jungle Scout Pricing plans- How Much does Jungle Scout Marketing Research Tool Cost?

We just reviewed the features of this wonderful Marketing Research Tool (Jungle Scout) for Amazon. Guess worth, it is not free! Using Jungle scout to monitor products and forecast the success of your Amazon FBA business comes at a price. There are two billing options you can choose from- Monthly bill.

Jungle Scout Tool does not offer a trial package or a free package, but they have a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you have a lightweight budget for jungle scout, you can start off with the basic package. Then, as your Amazon FBA business grows, you can upgrade to the Premium package of the Chrome Extension and Web app.

Let us review the Start Up App and Business package of Jungle Scout.

The Start Up App Package of Jungle Scout

This basic package provides you with the most basic features of the Jungle Scout Marketing software. This package allows a single user to track up to 4 products for $29 and $39 per month. Included in this basic package are:

  • Product Database
  • Competitors Monitoring
  • Historical Sales and Ranking Data
  • International Marketplaces
  • Timesaving Filters
    • Product Tracker
  • The basic starter app package of jungle scout is a good way to get you acquainted with how Jungle Scout works.The Business PackageFor Amazon FBA business owners that are serious, they will either upgrade to the business package and start off at that level from the beginning. The business package of Jungle Scout has all the features of the two lower-level packages, but allows up to 5 users and the tracking of up 140 individual products.
  • The Price range of this Jungle Scout Package is $69 to $99 per month.

How Do You Use The Jungle Scout Amazon Selling Tool?

Primarily, you need to have a specific product line in mind. You can come to this resolve by brainstorming various products lines you are knowledgeable and passionate about. This would make it easier for you to promote such products to your customer base.

With your product line in mind, you could draw up a numerical criterion that your product must reach.

With the aid of the chrome extension of the Jungle Scout software, you can run any query of your product line. Upon running the query, Jungle Scout would produce the performance data of your products.

You also get to see the sales estimations, engagement data, review data and potential price points. You can also use other criteria’s refining your search when making use of the web app. Examples of such criteria include:

  • Preference by country
  • Price range
  • Product weight
  • Sales demographics
  • Minimum monthly sales.

These criteria would assist you in better target your sales to the right potential customers. Besides discovering the right market niche customers, the web app helps you to find out new product niches and product ideas that are related to your product line.

With the aid of this Amazon selling software, you can gauge your competition level and find the perfect niche to squeeze in and draw customers to your product line.

Other than helping you establish your Amazon FBA business, the Jungle Scout tools can also work when using a merchant fulfillment platform.

Should You Choose Jungle Scout?

One of the undisputed benefits that Amazon FBA seller accrue from Jungle Scout is that it provides a platform for research for their businesses.

If you want to choose the Jungle Scout Tool, then you are on the right path. They can provide you with the tools, resources and support that you need to thrive and expand your business effectively.

Jungle scout can also scale your business and focus on data driven results. Jungle Scout is an investment in your finance and future of your Amazon FBA business.

But as a side note, you have to be wary of the accuracy and services that Jungle offers you. It is for this cause that they offer a free trial period that lasts for 7 days.

If it did not satisfy you with the services rendered by Jungle Scout, they would provide a refund within 14 days of purchase. An excellent way to test.

One budget friendly way of test running the Jungle Scout services is the chrome extension.


The chrome extension of the jungles scout software comes in two tiers: Lite and pro.

Pros of using the Jungle scout marketing Tool

This software provided super cool technology as AccuSales. This innovative tool allows Amazon FBA businesses to calculate sales and manage their businesses effectively. In the industry of Amazon selling research tools, their accuracy is unmatched compared to other competitors.

The Jungle Scout platform offers its new users a 7 day free trial period. This allows the new users to test drive the tools and resources before purchase.

Even after making a purchase of the Jungle scout services, and you are unhappy with the tool, you have 14-days to apply for a refund.

Also, the pricing system of the platform provides a volume connected metric system that is affordable for all users. For the chrome browser extension, there are different price points thus, business owners with varied budget levels can benefit.

This marketing tool also effectively streamlines the procedure for product discovery and management in a simple user interface that promotes growth and organization. Coming up with product ideas on your own can sometimes be challenging.

With Jungle scout, this process is simple, as it allows the functionality of filters and other integrations to maximize product discovery.

Jungle Scout Discount & Coupon 2021/Summer Prices

jungle scout data ACCURACY

The Jungle Scout team always endeavors to see that customer experience is top priority. The launch feature of Jungle Scout will allow you to promote and connect customers.

An Amazon FBA seller can streamline and set up an automating email outreach schedule for customers. This would enhance the brand name and customer experience.

Cons of using the Jungle Scout Tool,

They are very little disadvantages of the Jungle Scout Tool. Some disadvantages that you might encounter when using jungle scout are unfamiliarity with technology or processes and price points.

On the jungle scout official website, the outline each of the individual processes that you can use to enhance your Amazon FBA business.

These go into detail and help with what is being done to give the sellers the best results and provide them with the best tools. You can reach out to the customer support of jungle scout if you are not sure about certain terminology or processes.

Another disadvantage that you might run into when using this popular marketing tool is the price points.

The jungle scout platform is actually very helpful for those who have just started an Amazon FBA Seller business they directly connected their price points to the volume of products in which they sell.

If you sell a smaller volume of products, the fee that jungle scout will charge you will be lower than someone who sells more products.

These aid in balancing out the price points so that they can be fairly equal across the board in relation to how much an Amazon FBA seller sells. While you might notice that, your price point is too high,

remember Greg Mercer discussed that jungle scout delegates much of their money what’s the processing power to run AccuSales So that they can be able to keep their data measurements accurate.

Jungle Scout Vs. Other Tools

Jungle Scout Vs. Other Tools

Jungle scout is basically my go-to tool for doing FBA marketing research.  However,  there are a lot of alternatives that one can turn to for either budget oriented reasons or productivity oriented reasons.

Some of the marketing tools I will review are cost-free while others would cost you some money.

When a fee is charged by the research tool, you can choose to make a monthly payment or an annual payment. Note that if you opt for another payment, the research tool company might even offer a discount.

Each one of these tools, just like the jungle scout platform, can uncover product research details. With little mouthing, let’s delve into top alternatives of the jungle scout marketing research tool.


Topping our list of jungle scout alternatives is Helium 10. With more than a dozen integrations included with Helium 10, FBA sellers can easily research on product types and determine which products niches are more lucrative to sell within.

Jungle Scout Discount & Coupon 2021/Summer Prices


One of the cool features of helium 10 is Xray. Xray is a helium 10 Chrome extension that provides Amazon FBA sellers with a keen eye on the market as they study Amazon listing can look further into potential product Lines.


#2. AMZScout

Another interesting alternative to jungle scout is the AMZScout marketing tool. This tool offers a web app and a Chrome browser extension that can help you find products to sell on Amazon.

The AMZScout can help you find products that are profitable to sell, verify your potential niche option, predict future competition, review what other Amazon sellers are doing and identify growing trends.

AMZScout is also saddled with specific integrations like product database, keyword tracker, and competitor analysis. Once you have researched the products that you are interested in, you would see what others are doing to market this type. This you can do with the competitor analysis tool of AMZScout.

As for the pricing of AMZScout, they make a free trial of seven days available, so that you can get to check out and see if it is right for your FBA seller needs. The AMZScout plans are available for $44.99 per month or a lifetime fee of $199. Here are some of the AMZScout extension that is available in the following marketplaces:

  • Mexico
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
    • Spain
    • Canada
  • Conclusion
    If you want to take your FBA or merchant fulfillment business seriously,  you will need all the research data they can get your hands on.
  •  This will help you to decide on which Amazon products and product lines different to venture into. The number one tool for accomplishing this exact goal is Jungle Scout. there are other reliable alternatives that can help you in your FBA business.

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