Mom life is hard .
Mommy’s life is always engrossing and challenging. How to start a mom’s blog on bluehost he real reason of becoming a mom changes everything .
A mother is a person who may have birthed you and cuddled you throughout your first couple years of life .
A mom is the same person that will be sick with the flu, throwing up in the middle of the night with baby in stow.
Sincerely, first time mom overwhelm and constant guilt , numerous sleepless night .
A mother endure the good , the bad , and the ugly from their children .
Obviously , A mother is a caregiver, an unconditional lover, housekeeper, cooker, baker, psychologist, docto and discipliner .
Mothers bear the burden of everything .
Mother’s are unique and exceptional .
The roles of mother cannot be over emphasized ..
For years i had this image of the perfect mom in my head , and I wanted so badly to be that person .
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The mothers were always making these elaborate crafts with their children. And then there was me. I hate doing crafts, I am a terrible baker and believe it or not I highly dislike volunteering for school stuff. I tried all that stuff and it just wasn’t me. I felt like I wasn’t being true to myself and I needed to find my own mothering path.