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How To Start A Fashion blog; Beginners Guide 2021

How To Start A Fashion blog; Beginners Guide 2021

Starting a fashion blog can be a daunting task. If you are a  blogger enthusiast,  the fashion niche is a good place to start.

Outside the indulgence of creating content for a fashion blog, you can also make money through it. In the course of this article,

we would work it through a practical guide on how to start a fashion blog.  We will also review all the income streams that relate to a fashion blog without further ado let’s delve in.


How To Start A Fashion blog; Beginners Guide 2021

How To Start A Fashion blog; Beginners Guide 2021

 How To Start A Fashion blog; Beginners Guide 2021

Choose A Fashion Niche to Blog On

Fashion on its own is a broad niche, and the chances of succeeding with a Blog that has content on general fashion is Slim.

As a starter, the best approach is to blog about a micro fashion niche. Here is a list of micro fashion niches you can start with.

  • Handbags: Luxury
  • Handbags: Contemporary,
  • Product Reviews
  • Runway Trends
  • Runway to “real way” / Catwalk to Sidewalk
  • Music Fashion
  • Cinema Fashion
  • Television Fashion
  • Fashion in Literature
  • Fashion in Art
  • DIY: Fashion Trends
  • DIY: Runway
  • DIY: Crafting
  • Upcycled Fashion
  • Sewing Tutorials
  • Knitting/Crochet Tutorials
  • Handbags: Sale
  • Shoes: Women’s
  • Shoes: Men’s
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Lingerie: New
  • Lingerie: Vintage
  • Hats: New
  • Hats: Vintage
  • Hats: Avant-garde/Designer
  • Eyewear
  • Workwear: Corporate
  • Workwear: Creative
  • Workwear: Corporate Men’s
  • Workwear: Plus size
  • Workwear: Maternity
  • Luxury Fashion
  • Contemporary Fashion
  • Mass market Fashion
  • High Street/Fast Fashion
  • Thrifted
  • Luxury for less
  • Sustainable Style
  • Sustainable Style News
  • Ethical Style
  • Independent Designers
  • Local Designers
  • Local Shopping
  • Online Shopping
  • Sample Sales
  • Online Shopping Sales
  • Lookbooks & Previews
  • Runway Fashion Reviews
  • Handmade Fashion
  • Denim: Women’s Premium
  • Denim: Men’s Premium
  • Denim Style
  • Denim DIY
  • Street Style: Fashion Weeks
  • Street Style: Local
  • Street Style: Men’s
  • Street Style: Women’s
  • Street Style: Plus Size
  • Street Style: Age Focused (i.e. 20s, 30s, 40s, etc)
  • Street Style: Events, Music, Clubs,
  • Fashion History
  • Textile History
  • Fashion News
  • Fashion Technology
  • Fashion Social Media
  • Fashion Business
  • Fashion PR
  • Fashion Design Education
  • Personal Style: Shopping
  • Personal Style: Straight Sizes
  • Personal Style: Plus Sizes
  • Personal Style: Maternity
  • Personal Style: Petites
  • Personal Style: Tall
  • Personal Style: Menswear
  • Personal Style: “Every day”
  • Personal Style: Avant-garde
  • Personal Style: High School
  • Personal Style: College
  • Personal Style: Age Focused (i.e. 20s, 30s, 40s, etc)
  • Personal Style: Modest
  • Special Occasion Style
  • Wedding Style: Designer
  • Lifestyle Fashion Photography
  • Editorial Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Photography Tutorials
  • Fashion Models
  • Wedding Style: DIY
  • Fashion Model Industry
  • Fashion Model Tutorials
  • Fashion Designer News
  • Fashion Commentary
  • Fashion Feminism
  • Fashion Body Image
  • Celebrity Fashion: Paparazzi, Red Carpet, etc
  • Celebrity Fashion: Where to Get It/Shopping
  • Celebrity Fashion: Trends
  • Vintage Fashion: Contemporary Style
  • Vintage Fashion: Retro Style
  • Wedding Style: Alternative/Niche
  • Wedding Style: Sustainable
  • Lifestyle Style, ie. Preppy, Active, Urban, Artist, etc.
  • Beauty + Style
  • Food + Style
  • Cocktails + Style
  • Nail Art + Style
  • Interior Design + Style
  • Entertaining + Style
  • Floral Design + Style
  • Art + Style
    • Vintage Fashion History
    • Vintage Fashion Shopping
    • Vintage Fashion Photography
    • Replica Vintage Fashion
    • Fashion Illustration
    • Personal Style Illustrated
    • Fashion Illustration Tutorials
    • Fashion Illustration History
    • Animated GIF Fashion
    • Fashion Memes
    • Fashion Humor
    • Styling: Personal
    • Styling: EditorialConsider Book bloggingLifestyle Blogging Choose a Domain Name For Your Fashion Blog

      One of the most important things you will do for your fashion blog is to pick the right domain name for it. Besides defining your fashion blog,

      your domain name helps to communicate important information to search engine bots and human visitors.

      When choosing a domain name for your fashion blog, choose one that is memorable. This is so that after users appreciate the content you think they will remember the URL.

      • This is often overlooked but web hosting is one of the most important components of any successful blog.The different types of WordPress hosting options that are available for your fashion blog, such as shared, free, VPS, and managed WordPress hosting.Check for available domains here
      • Shared Web Hosting

      • This option for everything is suitable for bloggers that want to start a low budget fashion blog.What are Shared hosting implies here is that you will host your fashion blog on the same service as hundred if not thousands of other is because of this that these options are more affordable.A shared hosting plan can cost $3 to $15 per month. You can get a shared hosting plan from top Webhosting providers like DreamHost, Namecheap, and Bluehost.

        Buy cheap Hosting

      • VPS( Virtual Private Server) Hosting

      • For newbies, VPS Hosting is a little mini-server within a server. VPS hosting plans are an upgrade to shared hosting plans.So, all the downsides like viruses and no traffic don’t affect you at all with a VPS hosting plan. The only con of a VPS hosting plan is that it is not budget-friendly.So, If you want better speed and reliability from the get-go, it is better to opt for a VPS hosting plan for your fashion blogDiscout Price
      • Opting For Managed WordPress Hosting For your Fashion Blog

        What type of hosting that has become increasingly popular is the managed WordPress hosting.

        Managed WordPress hosting for your fashion blog can be expensive,

        but the quality web hosting services offered, are worth the spend.

        Here are some of the advantages of using managed WordPress hosting for your fashion blog :

        • Testing Platform- Managed WordPress hosting providers have testing platforms that allow you to first of all test a change on your site before implementing it.
      • Plugin Notifications- If you have plugins that do not want to cooperate with newer versions of WordPress,
      • your managed hosting provider will tell you and ensure that your site has no issues.
      • Built-in CDN- CDN is an acronym that stands for the content delivery network. If your fashion blog has lots of images and media this can lead to a website that loads slowly.

         Choosing The Best Web Host For Your Fashion Blog

        There are some popular platforms that you can choose to blog on. You can decide to use WordPress, Joomla, Wix,

        or blogger-but in this article we would review the use of WordPress CMS for Fashion blogging.

        So, on the WordPress platform, your fashion blog needs to be hosted. Hosting is a service that is offered by hosting providers.

        To have a successful fashion blog, you need to choose the best web host.

        The job of a CDN provided by the Managed WordPress Hosting is to Make your site load faster is to make your fashion blog.

         Creating Content For your Fashion Blog

        Is as important as the design and aesthetics of your fashion blog because it drives search engine results,

        increases your blog traffic, and establishes your organization as an industry leader.

        Effective Content Writing Formula For your Fashion Blog

        In subsequent paragraphs, we would highlight some tips on how to write a successful blog post for your fashion blog.

      • Write an Engaging Headline.
      • The headline of your fashion blog post determines whether your audience would read the rest of your content.
        • Your headline should be able to spark interest, stir, and emotion or make the audience want to learn more about the topic.If your headline does not have these key attributes, you could not achieve desired results with your content.

          Create a Hook that Grabs the Readers Attention

          In professional writing, you have at least four seconds to keep your readers hooked after the headline.

          The first sentence you make after the headline also has a tremendous impact on whether they would read the rest of your blog post.

          You should be able to creatively capture the attention of your readers and smoothly lead them into your first point increases.

  • Do your Research and Focus on a Single Purpose

You need to have extensive knowledge of what you are writing about on your fashion blog.

Providing statistical data like tables and charts can make your blog post appear credible.

In the same vein, single out one key message you would like to convey before you write your content.

Keep this in mind and always endeavor to tie your content back to the key points as much as you can.

  • Write with a Unique Voice

The content you publish is the voice of your Fashion blog. It should be unique to your Fashion blog’s personality.

Always endeavor to align the tune of your writing to your target audience, brand persona, and business goals.

  • Optimize your Digital Content

The best form of writing contains brief paragraphs, short sentences, and bulleted lists.

Digital content needs to be optimized for search using the best SEO content strategies and latest SEO best practices.

  • Edit Your Work

After you have made your first draft, go back and check how you can polish the rough edges of your blog post.

Sometimes, writing improves as it undergoes a round of three edits.

Effective contenting writing is very important as it would help your fashion blog achieve higher results in search engines.

Use prowritingAid

 Optimize Your Post For SEO

The best time to optimize your fashion blog post is when you are writing it, but you can always go back and improve your old blog posts as well.

The SEO of your blog is important as it helps you to constantly get more visitors to search engines.

There are lots of things that you can do to help optimize your fashion blog posts for SEO.

In subsequent paragraphs, we would like to share some top SEO tips that would help your Fashion Blog post rank.

  • Plan your Content With Proper Keyword Research

Many fashion blog beginners use their best guesses to write about topics that they feel they are interested in.

You do not need to rely on a blind guess because it does not always yield better results in blog traffic.

The best option is to perform keyword research for your fashion blog.

Keyword research entails using special techniques to discover topics that your users would be interested in based on data accrued from search engines.

With the aid of keywords, you can lie down a perfect content strategy that would ensure that you write on topics that your audience would look for.

In the light of your fashion blog, you can also find blog post ideas with keyword research.

We recommend the use of keyword research tools like SEMRush as they offer competition analysis, keyword position tracking, and lots of other interesting features.

With the SEMRush SEO software, you can discover LSI and related keywords with the SEO writing Tool( In-built SEMRush functionality).

  • Make Internal Linking a Habit

If you have experience with blogging, you would have enough fashion content that you want users to read, With the aid of internal linking,

You can establish a contextual relationship between your new and old posts. There are a lot of benefits that can accrue from passing link juice from one article to another.

In the WordPress platform, this is much easier, as you can do this right in the editor. All you need to is select the text from the editor, then click on the link icon to add a link to the article.

When you do this, a text pop-up would appear below your selected words and you can type in to search for older articles to link to.

  • Add images and videos to your Fashion Blog

In a fashion blog, visuals, graphics, and videos can make search engines rank your content higher.

Images and videos make your content to be very much engaging than content with only plain text.

When you are adding images, ensure that the images are copyright free. Google will not rank your content if there are images that are not royalty-free.

There are tons of trustworthy sites where you can get royalty-free images to use in your fashion blog post.

Often fashion blog beginners copy images from other sites and watermark them.

This can land you in serious legal trouble if you do this without the permissions.

Videos for your fashion blog are much more engaging than images. You can create video content as slideshows.

A fashion blogger can also opt for a vlog or experiment on other illustrative video formats.

One important thing you should note is that you should not upload videos directly to your WordPress site.

This is because WordPress is not well optimized to serve video content.

This best approach is to upload your videos to YouTube, as it is the world’s second most popular search engine.

You can also opt for third party File hosting providers- as they would help you manage the technicality of serving video content on your blog.

One of the important factor that search engines consider before the rank sites is the readability of content. Articles with high readability scores rank higher in search results.

In fact, Google considers articles that are not readable as non-user-friendly content. Smartphone screens and computers are still not optimal for reading.

It is because of this that readers scan through articles in seconds.

You have a very short time to convince users to stay on your blog post or leave.

Improving the readability of your blog post entails writing shorter sentences and paragraphs, using appropriate punctuation, grammar, headings, and bulleted lists.

They widely recommend that you add white space around text and use images to make your text look easier on the eyes

Some cool plugins in the WordPress platform can help you optimize your blog regarding readability.

Google built a software called “Grammarly”- this software is super amazing at content proofreading.

You can use it to check for grammatical errors on the go.

 Market Your Fashion Blog on Social media

Another step to take after you have established your fashion blog is to market it on social media.

There are some popular platforms for promoting your fashion blog. Examples include; Reddit, Twitter, Facebook WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram.

How To Start A Fashion blog; Beginners Guide 2021

socual media

You can choose to pay for targeted traffic on these platforms, or just use promotion strategies to push your content to your audience.

Let us cover some key strategies for promoting your fashion blog on social media

  • Make Hashtags your Best Friend

Hashtags are like mini promoters and minions that work on your behalf. For instance, if you are having a tough time finding your fashion niche on Twitter, you can tweet your links with hashtags.

  • Follow Social Media Influencers of Your Niche

On social media, there are maestros of different niches. On your fashion sub-niche, find out top social media influencers that have verified social media handles.

These individuals do promotions with a ripple effect. Their individual engagements can give off tons of retweets and likes.

So, in the light of this, reach out to these big game changers and promote your fashion blog.

 How to Make money from your Fashion Blog

Just like other profit-oriented blogging niches, the Fashion niche is a veritable gold mine.

There are tons of ways to monetize your fashion niche blog and in subsequent paragraphs; we would look into those.

You cannot start monetizing your Fashion blog until you have got traffic. After playing by the strict rules of SEO, high-ranking positions would reward you.

And with high-ranking positions come lots of many visitors from search engines.

Here are some of how you can monetize your fashion Blog namely;

  • Affiliate Fitness programs
  • Advertising with third-party agencies like Google Adsense,, propeller ads, etc.
  • And Sponsored Posts


Making Money with Affiliate Fashion Programs

An Affiliate Marketing program is a program that works in synchrony with the advertising model of CPA( Cost per Action).

In this situation, the subscribers of the affiliate Network make money with the commissions they accrue per referral.

For the Fashion niche, there are many affiliate programs that a fashion blogger can use to make money.

Advertising with Google Adsense and their Alternatives

Google Adsense is an advertising network that is owned and managed by Google.

They are the most popular advertising network in the world and as a fashion blogger. You can make lots of income with them.

When you sign up for Google Adsense and get approved, they would start showing ads to your users.

The money you accrue from google Adsense depends on how many impressions, clicks, and conversions you get from your fashion blog.

Another important factor that influences how much you make is the country that your audience is from.

Giving an instance of a fashion blog getting traffic and impressions from the United Kingdom; 1000 ad impressions equals $6. With USA based traffic,

You can make at least $3 from 1000 ad impressions. You can check out the rates of other countries on google Adsense.

Other than google Adsense, there are other alternatives that you can turn to if you want to monetize your Fashion blog.

Some of such examples include; Propeller ads, Adversal, Adsterra,,, etc.

Monetizing your Fashion Blog through sponsored posts

This, in fact, is the most lucrative income stream for a fashion blog. Big fashion brands that look to promote on your site for having to Guest post on your site.


You can choose to monetize this way with a sizeable fee per sponsored guest post.

Although, it would be important to point out that making money through sponsored posts is conditional.

Only established fashion blogs with authority can accept and charge for sponsored posts


How To Start A Fashion blog; Beginners Guide 2021


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