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How to start a blog on Siteground and Make Money

How to start a blog on Siteground and Make Money

How to start a blog on Siteground and Make Money



How to start a blog on Siteground and Make Money

Few years ago, people who writes do so majorly because they just want to write not because they want to make money from it.
The idea was that if you wanted to make money from writing you should publish a book LoL.
Today, you don’t need to be an author in the strict sense to make money from writing.
You could be a blogger and earn a considerable amount from writing without understanding the intricacies of characters and characterizations.

As it stands, many people has left their full time employment for blogging.

Thus the need for Blogging sites or websites.

People are aware of how lucrative Blogging has become and the need for a website creation, subsequently the increase in website development fee.

However, the Monopoly of programmers who could read and understand the snake language of computer called “python” and other make up languages like HTML, CSS, etc to building website has been put to an end by the development of contents management system such as WordPress Blogger etc. With the introduction of such technologies
You can now start a blog without learning computer languages and you can make money from writing without publishing a book.
All that is required is one thing which is to make the choice” the choice as to; When to start Blogging.

Where to start Blogging

How to start Blogging.

When to start Blogging.

When to start Blogging depends on how soon you want to start writing or how soon you want to leave your job for Blogging, when to starts Blogging depends on whatever that motivates you.
If it is the money then start when you are ready to start making the money, if it is passion then start when you are ready to do what you love doing.

Where to start Blogging.

You can literally start your blogging career from anywhere, free , paid platforms are everywhere, though each comes with upsides and downsides.
You could start Blogging for free using platforms like free WordPress, Blogger, quora, medium Instagram, Facebook etc.
Assuming that you want to start your blogging professionally and you are interested in buying web hosting but you wouldn’t afford Siteground at the moment you could consider other cheaper webhosting like
Bluehost, A2 hosting. This is not say Siteground is a bad option we just want to be as helpful as we can.

How to start Blogging on Siteground.

Pro hint: “you don’t need to spend that whole bucks on Blogging, you would want to check how much it cost to start a blog , how much it cost to start a blog in the UK,US INDIA or anywhere in the world, Just check before your proceed to spraying cash” lol

Let’s go!!!
In the previous post, I talked on how to start Blogging on Bluehost and what pricing plan to choose from, I also considered A2 hosting pricing here and on this page, I will be reviewing about another kind of host company called Siteground. This host is 100% compatible with WordPress.

So if you intend starting a WordPress blog, I have taken my time in this post, in a simpler manner, to help you through the process to start a professional WordPress blog with Siteground.

Note: Once after reading and learning what is discussed here, it is time to share your thought and story with the world, make money while doing what you love doing, building strong and lasting relationships with other bloggers and kickoff with your online business while on your bed.

Simple as that right!


This post will walk you through a few steps to help you launch your own blog successfully.


The very first thing is the interest or topic of your blog. There are different blog niches that people create or show interest in.
1. Personal blog
2. Health blog
3. Business blog
4. Magazine blog
5. Lifestyle blog

Then, you have to find the niche of your choice. In order to find your niche, you need to access your skills, interests, and expertise that help you to find a topic that you’re interested to explore.
If you a lifestyle lover or a book person and you are interested in lifestyle blog or a book blog, we have highlighted steps by step guide on how to start a book blog as a beginner and a complete guide on how to start a lifestyle blog as a newbie.
Just follow the link above.

There are millions of websites on the internet and millions pops up for a single query in other of relevance.
Niched specific blogs perform better than a general niche website since search engines renders search results in the other of relevance to the searchers query.
Google will prefer showing you how to start Blogging on Siteground first on a website that is niched specific in this case, Blogging and Blogging tutorial websites like than just a site that posts random stuff.

Thus getting seen with a wide niche is really not easy. This is to say that having a blog niche is significant. You can do some personal research and discover your area of interest or what to blog about.
Assuming that you aren’t interested in book blog or lifestyle blog, we also have post on how to start a fashion blog, on how to start a fitness blog, yeah it’s a how to start a blog series you would want to check out.
Now let’s move on,
Proceeding to creating a blog when you don’t have any blog niche in mind is not really a good start. Note that

“In particular, you’re your own chief and you can begin a blog on any subject you need with some information.”

Now, let’s see how exactly you can start a WordPress blog on Siteground. [Step-by-Step]


Below are the simple three (3) step-by-Step guide of starting a WordPress blog with Siteground web hosting.

Simple 3 Steps by step guide on starting a blog on Siteground

Trust me, these steps takes nothing less than 20 minutes or so. If you don’t have an in-depth knowledge in blogging, these steps will help you start a blog on Siteground web hosting.



I definitely suggest you use WordPress as your preferred CMS platform.
With WordPress, you can customize your site with easy tools and essential free WordPress plugins to get a better performance.

This eventually opens up all the possibilities you need or would need to monetize your blog and make money.

WordPress gives your site that is clean, excellent and more professional look. WordPress works absolutely amazing even if you are a newbie. In other words, you don’t need to have an advanced technical skills to run a blog.

To get started, you need to host your domain which is cheaper and inexpensive, that’s why I recommend Siteground.

WordPress dashboard is interactive, friendly and delivers multiple options to manage the website. It is where you add posts, documents, images, links, change your design, add plugins and control the overall performance of the site, and view the statistics.

So, you’ll absolutely love using WordPress. Well, I’m a humble WordPress fan!

This blog is actually on WordPress and I believe you love the outlook of this blog, well I’m not a designer pro , but in any case, you are the only limitation to how your WordPress blog can look that’s what you stand with me get when you use WordPress for your website or blog.

So, you would want to create a blog that generates massive profit so you can make more money as you want to?

Even if you don’t want to turn your blog to a money making machine, you can still use it as a portfolio or a landing page to showcase your business. If you have other jobs you’re focusing on, you can manage it weekends.

Many bloggers have chosen blogging as a hobby and then turned it as a full-time business job lol.
Well, you never know what opportunities are coming your way in blogging…

You need to understand three things to create a blog on Siteground

What you would need to create self hosted blog on Siteground (3 basic things)

(3) basic things to create a self-hosted blog on Siteground

Web-hosting – It’s a service by third party companies like Siteground to host your blog on the worldwide web. It stores all of your files. See details on Siteground web hosting below

Domain – In a simple mans’s language, it’s the name of your website/blog.

3. WordPress– This is a CMS platform that helps you design your blog and add other amazing features you want your blog to look like.

All set and done!

Now, you can either buy a domain name from any host provider like Namecheap, goDaddy, A2 web hosting, Hostinger or buy it from Siteground. Bluehost Which ever provider you choose, they are all fine.

Since Bluehost is well-known for given a high-quality domains for free and a cheap web hosting you can find your domain at Bluehost for free and host for a lesser price.
You could also get your domain name and Hosting from Siteground here
After registering your domain, then move ahead to hosting with Siteground.

For the hosting, you can move forward and follow the Siteground tutorial.

So let’s follow steps by steps to start a blog with Siteground.

This post will guide you step by step to start a blog with Siteground. Just continue on this page and go through every details below.

Let’s take the first step.


The first step you need to take is to choose a hosting plan that suites what you want. Siteground offers different plans based on your requirements.

When you visit Siteground website, you have to choose ‘Web hosting’. (It’s a must)

After you click web hosting, you will see three (3)hosting plans which are Startup, Growbig and GoGeek. Each plan is explained below for better understanding so that you make your the correct decision .


The starter plan is simply for users who wish to start up and manage one site. This plan cost $6.99/month. If you are completely a newbie in blogging, who wants to start blogging for the first time, then this plan is ultimately for you.

This Siteground start up plan includes;
1. One website
2. 10 GB web space
3. 10,000 monthly visitors.
Plus, all essential features


The second plan is a great offer for multiple websites owners. This plan enables you enjoy basic premium features. It goes for $9.99/month.

This Siteground GROWBIG plan comes with;
1. Web hosting for multiple websites
2. Super responsive times.
3. 20,000 monthly visits.
4. All basic features of startup plan
5. 20 GB web space.
6. The plan comes with a Super Cacher which improves the site performance.


This is the highest hosting plan on Siteground which is perfect for people who have an e-commerce sites or a larger bandwidth required website. This premium plan goes for $14.99/month.

Features of this Siteground GOGEEK plan includes:
1. 30 GB web space
2. Gives 1,00,000 monthly visits
3. Premium features
4. Added Geeky Advanced features

If you’re just starting out, choose a plan that best fits your website. Like I said earlier, newbie ought to go for the Starter plan.

If your blog is growing faster, then you can move to a bigger plan. But if you’ve have a plan of launching multiple websites then the biggest plan (Growbig) is the best plan for you.

1. If you’re a newbie, starting off with Startup is perfect for you.
2. If you want to launch two (2) or more websites, then Growbig is perfect for you. Or, if you plan to launch more than a single blog later on, then Growbig is the plan you should go for.

In addition, Growbig and GoGeek have more features like free migration, and other amazing benefits too.
Don’t forget to read the estimated amount it will cost you to start a blog !!!! It’s here


Earlier I said domain name is the preferred name you wish to use for your blog. It’s important to choose a perfect name that suites the niche of your blog.
If you’re not sure about the domain to use, you can use your name as a domain name, that sounds amazing.

Here are some few tips to help you pick a great domain name.

1. If you’re thinking of a brand, then use your name as the brand.
2. Pick a name which is easy to spell.
3. Make it memorable.
4. Very short.
5. Avoid hyphens, symbols or numbers.
6. Use an appropriate extension like .com .US,.UK, depending on what country you are and what you want. However .com extensions seems the most visible in the search results

In case, you don’t have a domain name, you can create a new domain name with Siteground.
Just click ‘Register a new domain’ on their website. Type your preferred domain name and wait to verify its availability.

Awesome! Done with step 1 and step 2, right?
Now, let’s move forward to the last step.


At this final step, you just need to enter the necessary information (personal and billing information) to complete the process.
Note: you can uncheck other features if you don’t need them.
You would want to do so because you don’t really most need most of the add-ons at the moment , that could spare you some bucks!!


Since you have a account with Siteground, here are not many basic steps to beginning a blog on Siteground.

It’s easy to begin a blog on wordpress after purchasing your domain and hosting, with only a single click, you will have your wordpress installed through softaculous on your cPanel.

At the point when you login, you will see this set up site optional button.

After clicking on the option, you’ll be redirected whether to start a new site or migrate an existing site.

Now, it’s time to install WordPress platform so you just click WordPress and set up login details.
Now, as we want to install wordpress, just click WordPress and move ahead by hitting continue.

Now, on the next screen, you may get some additional option to click, you can simply skip then and move forward to the last one. Click finish and BOOMMMMM!!! WordPress successfully installed.

That’s it! Now, login to your WordPress dashboard and start exploring the tools thereof.

Wow! You now have your own WordPress blog.
After you access the WordPress dashboard, you can start designing your site.

After installing WordPress, the next step is to choose a good design (theme) for your website. You can also use a customized theme which makes your website looks beautiful.

Theme like Astra, Elegant Themes (powerful Divi Theme,etc) makes your website look wonderful and lovely. Truth be told, themes play a vital role in website.


Here are some other steps to do;
1. Install and activate theme
2. Install important wordpress plugins
3. Add your bio (description)
4. Create pages for your website
5. Create categories
6. Create menu
7. Enable settings
8. Update your site information in WordPress settings
9. Write & publish your first post (add images and links)


In 2018, SiteGround accomplished the unimaginable 98% Client Satisfaction rate! This is the fourth year straight that their rate is developing.

The company keeps its commitment to client happiness as its main need.

Their group worked on multiple projects during 2018 to stretch out the devices they offer to clients, make the customer  experience better, upgrade the exhibition of their sites, and stop a large number of security dangers.

Assuming you search for customer service satisfaction rate, note that Siteground got 98% rate based on review.

So, if you want to transfer your website/blog from some other hosting to Siteground or vice versa, this tutorial will help you to do that for free of cost. Of course, Siteground offers free website transfer and they also have a tool for migration.

SiteGround offers a unique tool (plugin), which includes the WordPress Migrator. This tool helps you transfer as many WordPress installations to SiteGround as you wish in just a few clicks and with no advanced technical skills required! The migration runs in the background of your WordPress, transferring your content and other files for you, with stress free.

Not just that, Siteground has made new features that makes building a blog with them much simpler without a formal skill. In other words, if you are completely new to web design and have no advanced skill or knowledge, you can start a blog on Siteground with these few steps. Guess what! Their client area is amazing!

Here are some additional reasons to use Siteground web hosting;
1. Better user experience to start a website
2. Excellent support by team of experts
3. Smart collaboration tools
4. Site tools – Siteground’s own control panel
5. Great uptime



Indeed, it’s an an excellent Web hosting provider. , it probably won’t be that cheap, however if you hope to have quick site speed, incredible uptime and great customer service satisfaction, you can try it.
In any case, if the price bothers you, you can check out Bluehost web hosting here.

They likewise offer free SSL on all records.

You would need to Know that “siteground do have expensive renewal rates” so the secret is to set aside cash is by getting for long period of term.

In this way, simply visit Siteground to begin!

I trust it wasn’t too hard to start a blog on Siteground or to even begin a WordPress blog with Siteground. Isn’t that so?

Cheerful Blogging!

If you have learned anything or you now have an in-depth knowledge about how to start a blog on Siteground, then you’re a step away to having yours fixed up without any experience. If you have any question as regards the information here, kindly drop your question underneath this post right in the comment section.

Don’t forget to share using the Social media icons on this page.

Straight away, let me make some emphasis about blogging so you understand what it means blogging and why Siteground is a good for starting a WordPress blogging career.

Blogging is a perfect online job that expresses your ideas, thoughts and knowledge. It also can make you money but not just that, it showcases your expertise. It doesn’t matter your level of experience but however, this post was structured specifically for you (step-by-Step guide) so you gat nothing to worry amount.

Furthermore, blogging is a choice but there is so much you can do with your blog or website. Even if you don’t want to turn it to a money making venture, blogging can give you much more than you can think of.

An online blog give you the access and virtual space to display whatsoever you wish to share, the skill you teach online, your thoughts, your story and also gives you the freedom to express your opinions.

Your blog is your voice.

People have built a large number of audience which later turned into communities just by starting a small blog. Such as Medium, Quora, Pinterest and the likes. Moreover, many has landed their small blogs into 6-figure businesses.

Isn’t that amazing? I believe you should be thinking of starting one after reading this post.

I just go blank when someone ask me why should I start a blog! Lol…I mean, the reasons for starting a blog are truly unlimited and I can not just write them in few words.

Blogging is like building your own dictionary with authentic, unique and fascinating chapters that provides real life solutions to everyday problem.

What is the motivation for you to start you own blog?

Now that you know what blogging is all about and you want to start a blog. Here we have covered some step by step guide to start with.


I have used a couple of website hosting locally and internationally. And, I do recommend hosting companies that offer great service and also, customer support.

Before going into blog business, please be aware of the technical things so when buying a hosting, make sure the provider gives 24/7 customer support.

A lot of reviews has been made and it was stated that they are happy with Siteground chat support. They are always consistent and offer quick and detailed solution which is something I like.
1. The uptime is great.
2. Fast help and instant solution.
3. No such errors.
4. The GrowBig plan is what I recommend to anyone who has more than 1 website.


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