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how much does it cost to start a blog

how much does it cost to start a blog

how much does it cost to start a blog?

If what you want is an answer to, how much it cost to start a blog,

or how much it should cost to start a blog, or how much it cost to start a blog in the UK,

how much it cost to start a blog in the US, or how much it cost to start a blog in India.

or just how much it would cost to start a WordPress blog, ..

Huuu.. welcome you can read on.

“The estimated amount here is the same for any type of blog you want to start,

be it a book blog, a fashion blog, or a health blog, a lifestyle blog etc because to start any blog,

you will need almost all the things mentioned here.

Though blogging is a good way of earning extra-income, it cost some amount to start,

but how much exactly it cost to start a blog in a simple answer is

Simple answer, between $200- 500  is enough to start a blog,

in fact, you can start free, yeah you can start a blog without paying a dime.

All that is required is just an email, a smartphone or a laptop and Internet connection.

You could just go on “Blogger” or “WordPress” and lunch your free blog, but of course,

free blogs come with several limitations, though in this post, we are not addressing the limitation ,

we just want to tell you the estimate of starting a blog from the scratch.

How much should a blog cost depend on several factors,

for instance, if you already have a fine laptop or a smartphone, you wouldn’t need an additional laptop,

so that is a subtraction on your cost, if you don’t have a laptop computer or a smartphone yet,

blogging will cost you more than someone who already has them.

How much a blog will cost you will also depend on your scale,

a person who wants to be a full time or a professional blogger is likely to invest more money in blogging and blogging tools such as;

high rated keywords research tools than someone who wants to start a blog as a part-time thing blogger or just as a side income.

Since you would likely be just starting,

I would recommend that you invest little until you actually started making money from your blog.

The reason is that the more money you spent to start your blog, the more pressurized you become to earn money from your blog.

The passion to earn money from your blog could be a good indicator of success,

but it could also make you money driven , in blogging I advise you to be passion driven.

How much a blog should cost also hinges on how much time you have for your blog.

 Some bloggers source for almost everything they would need, e.g. writers, site auditors, SEO and back links, etc.

So if you do not have enough time for your blog,

you would probably source for content writers and SEO people to help you which will obviously increase your expenditure

if you have enough time , you could minimize your cost by writing the blog post by yourself,

and doing a bit of the SEO until you finally made money from your blog then you can invest more money on it by hiring the SEO guys.

How quick you want to see the result will also affect how much your blog will cost,

 by result here I mean making money from your blog, if you start your blog but you would just want to wait for everything to happen naturally,

you would have to spend extra cash to get the result .

say that you started your blog and start monetizing through affiliate marketing strategy but would not just wait for “google traffic”

You would spend money on email traffic social media promotion or even running advertisement on popular sites like Facebook,

Twitter Instagram or LinkedIn , the cost of this often depends on the competition of the keywords you are targeting or bidding.

Your knowledge of blogging, if you are a total novice who just got interest in blogging,

you would also consider buying a blogging paid course from Udemy or just anywhere online, which would add to how much it will cost you to start a blog.

Choice of hosting,choice of hosting will also add to the cost of starting your blog. Some hosting providers are more expensive than others, where they offered almost the same services.

You would also choose whether a basic plan or a pro plans. Hosting Basic plans are more affordable.


Blogging does not require laptops of a high intel chips or specifications,

it needs not to be an apple laptop or sometimes like that just any laptop that can access the Internet,

although it does not hurt to buy a high spec laptop, it just depends on your budgets but a working smartphone or laptop is fine to blog with.

We also recommend that you start on a low scale, apart from that it unnecessarily pressures you,

thinking of starting on a high scale might discourage you from starting your blog, lol 😆

 I just think it’s not nice t put much money on something I have not tried the reason is that,

sometimes people just spend a lot of money t discover that blogging is not just for them.

More also, as a newbie, you barely know what tool should be a priority and you should forgo which tool in addition, you could get a lot of things that are free that will serve the same purpose, honestly,

I do think that people recommending that you should spend about $2,500 to start blogging probably want to sell a high ticket affiliate product for you.

We also recommend that you minimize what you are paying for, at least as a starter,

write your article,  design your website using drag-and-drop website builders , there free ones to choose from  ,

they are better and easy to do compared to spending several bucks to design a blog.

The beauty of your blog is not a top priority for Google. Minimal design, good content and fast loading website should be your goal.

It is not also worth it to start spending money on social media promotion too early.

Social media promotion is good if you have your own

product to sell, if you are just trying to promote affiliate product

 you may have a low conversion rate, so you have just given away your money.

Focus on your blog, content is king, if you have good content , you will surely get traffics from google,

build your email list instead of buying, promote your social media account and you can always start promoting your product they are long term investment and they are better.

Well, we didn’t also consider it necessary to buy a blogging course on Udemy or anywhere,

you can get every guideline you need on google or YouTube,

just search for it, there is a lot of information online to put you through your blogging,

Moreover, nothing is difficult in it. You don’t need to  have coding or programming experience some hosting companies like Bluehost already included almost everything you will need.

For instance, Bluehost includes weebly a drag-and-drop way of creating your website.

Go for good hosting, but not expensive hosting. Start with the hosting plan you can comfortably afford you can always migrate to a higher one.

Bluehost offers a variety of plans you can see, which is the best plan for a starter here.

In summary, how much it will cost you to start a blog depends on several factors, as I mentioned above,

but if you followed our recommendation , it will save your some cash.

To determine or estimate how much it cost to start a blog, the simple logic is that we are going to estimate the amount how much the tools of blogging cost,

I marked some as priority because they are those you can not do without starting a blog, while those I marked lower priority means you can start your blog without them and you can always buy them as your blog grows.

Now, we assume that you already have a good laptop or a smartphone

Top priority

Domain name

To start a blog, you will need a domain name, a domain name, what you want your blog to be called.

Say “, so cute for baby niche blog 😆😆

Your domain name needs to be registered, so that only you can have  it.

so far you continue to renew your domain name registration fee, no one else can use it, it’s like your new apartment,

so far you continue to pay your rent, your landlord wouldn’t rent it out.

You can opt to register your domain name with a  domain registrar or a hosting company,

people choose to register with hosting companies because of the technicalities involved when you want to transfer your domain name from the registrar to the hosting companies.

More reasons I recommend Bluehost is that it gives you a FREE DOMAIN name,

it allows you to register for a domain name of your choice for free. If you don’t want a free domain name, which I doubt anyway lol, a .com extension domain name is around $14 per year.


Another thing to consider as a priority and include it on your cost of starting a blog is a hosting plan.

Web hosting is where your domain name will be hosted,

after all, you have to build your house somewhere on the planet,

it is the web host that will help to store your data, your domain name,the content on your website, etc.

There are many hosting companies out there offering the same services. You would want to host your blog on a reliable hosting company that has been around for a while and that offers good hosting.

What to look out for in choosing any hosting company is  the price. Downtime, and load speed.

Higher price does not mean better quality,

there are too many hosting companies out there that we just consider too exorbitant a suitable host should not cost more than $3 per month for the basic plan.

, downtime means how many times a website goes down or becomes inaccessible,

if you host your blog on the website that goes down often, it means that your blog will also be frequently going down, and we don’t  think you want that.

Load speed is also necessary when choosing to host. You wouldn’t want to host your blog in a web host that takes heaven to load its content to the users,

People really have little time to wait for a slow website to load. They leave your website if its not coming up, this called bounce rate, and bounce rate is poor for SEO

customer support

As a beginner, you will rely on your hosting provider for almost everything, so you should consider excellent customer support before you host your website.

Some hosting companies are so bad in relating with their customers. Bluehost is the official web hosting recommended by “WORDPRESS” so you would want to use Bluehost.



Keywords research too is essential for a successful blog, although there a free one that you can use as a beginner, there are so cheap ones that you do the premium.

Keyword tools is good to determine what keyword to target, it tells you the competition level,

The keyword difficulty ; how difficult or easy it is for your website to rank in search engine for a particular keyword.

You could also use the keyword search tools to check what your competitor is doing right and wrong and adopt that which he is doing right and reverse engineer those things your competitor is   doing wrong.

It analysis back links, and show you everything you need to know about any website you want to out rank.

There is free keywords tool, they include google trend, google planner, Semscoop, Kwfinder (mangools) keyword Everywhere and more.

There is one like “word stream” but I do not add it because its data contradicts other keyword tools,

 I tested it with several keywords but it continues go give wrong data.

Cheap premium



I added Semscoop and Kwfinder to freemium and premium because,

though the tools are premium, you can still use them free.

For Instance I use Kwfnder, and I only paid for the premium after using it for 10days.

You can also use Semscoop for free, however if you want more data, you can pay for the premium which is very cheap,

I think it is the cheapest of all keyword research tools yet, it offers a comprehensive data.

Although Kwfinder provides more data and more reliable, starting with Semscoop wouldn’t be a poor option,

plus that you decide whether it is for you through the freemium plan It’s lowestprice is $9 compared to kwfinder which has a lowest price of $49.


Lower priority

Blogging tools are good, but not all are a must have for a beginner. Those are;

Premium Editing /grammar checker. After writing your content, you want to make sure that it is error free,

early bloggers use to pay people to proofread their blog post, with the aid of proofreading software tools today, you can correct your grammars,

your spellings, punctuation, and your sentence structure, the good thing is that it highlights the errors and gives you an alternative suggestion.

Having an editing tool is like having a second lens.

There are many editing tools but the most popular ones are Grammarly and prowritingAid, each of them is a good option,

in prowritingAid you have to tell the software what content your writing, blog post, academic essay fictions etc., it will recommend grammars to you based on what you are writing.

It is available for free; you make you use of all it’s features for the first 500 words of your post, but if you want something more, consider a premium plan. It worth it.

Grammarly, also have an free option to correct your spellings and punctuation,

it tells you something is wrong with your sentences but until you have the premium,

You would have to figure out things by yourself. So, Grammarly premium option isn’t a terrible choice either.

Email Marketing

As you are starting your blog, you probably have considered monetizing it through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the reliable way to earn cash from your blog,

to do that effectively, you need an email marketing tools.

What email marketing software does is that it automates the process of selling, it helps you create a landing page, a sales funnel, a webinar ,

one If the features you can not  do without as you progress in blogging. Email marketing software is good because it allows you to have A/B testing.

A/B testing simply means that it lets you know what works for your,

if you are making sales or tell you how, and if you are not making sales, it tells you what page or funnel sense people back.

You collect email with it, I can’t emphasize this enough, to succeed in affiliate marketing you need an email list.

Email lists are just the number of emails you can always sell your product to. Just send them a pitch.

boom you have customers already considering of buying your recommended products.

Email marketing tool is a good idea, if you have the money to start with, good ones are GetResponse and Send Blues


Semrush is all in one SEO kit, it does not come cheap but it worth given a trial; it is a good for Search Engine Optimization,

SEO, pay per Clicks, keyword research , social media marketing and comprehensive site audit.

With Semrush you can see the trend in your business or industry and it offers you the opportunity to do a comparison between your website and other website , probably your competitor.



Moz is another alternative to Semrush and content marketing software,

that is “all-in-one “ content marketing software it helps you rank better by given you enough data to work with,

it includes keyword tracking, link explored, top pages etc. you would want to check it out.


Elememto pro

Elementor is a drag-and-drop website builder that you can use to build or customize a Word press site.

Even when you have never touched a line of code. it is user friendly. Elementor is the most popular because it has a free plan.

the freemium plan includes drag-and-drop website builder and about 40+ basic widgets,

If you decide to use a premium account, Elementor is fairly cheaper than its competitors. It’s just $49 annual subscription for the premium plan.

How much should blog cost in the UK?

Nearly almost everywhere in the world, the cost of starting a blog is relatively the same,

Though the difference in currency exchange may mean a difference in cost. For instance, if the total amount of starting a blog in dollars is $500,

then the cost of starting a blog in the UK is the equivalent of $500 in GBP.

A step further to minimize the cost of starting a blog in the UK is to register a domain name with .UK extension

A Localized domain name is cheaper than a commercialized domain name. For example, if the cost  is 14GBP,

The price of the same domain name in .UK extension should be lower, that is a domain name like www.myblog.ukshould be cheaper than

You would want to know that they have not proved it whether a domain name extension influences ranking in search engine,

but we know that domain extensions do not tell google what website it should crawl and index.

It also appears that if other factors such as backlinks, size of content, domain age and authority are the same,

They gave a localized extensions priority when searched within the territory.

For instance, a domain name with the .UK extension is likely to rank higher than domain with .com extension,

if I searched contents of the domain names from the UK.

What this means is that if you are in the UK and you limit your audience to the people in the UK,

then a domain with UK extension is a superb choice.

So the cost of starting a blog in the UK depends on the factors that affect the cost of starting a blog generally,

factors like choice of hosting, hosting plan, blogging tools etc.

Besides that, the cost of starting a blog in the UK is the equivalent of GPB to $500 which is the estimated amount of starting a blog.

You could also cut the cost of starting a blog in the UK if you use a discount code, check here, you might be able to save% 35 of the cost.

How much should a blog cost in US?

How much should a blog cost in the US, still depend on the same factors, unless you opted for .US domain extension,

or registered with a cheap blog host, you would spend the same $500 dollars or fewer.

How much it cost to start a blog in the US is often easier to determine because I did most of the estimate in US dollars so you can easily tell how much it will cost you.

You may also spare some cash for other things if you use the discount code here (Discount code is for a limited time)

How much should a blog cost in India?

How much a bog cost in India or how much a blog actually cost in India depends on the above mention factors,

you will need to purchase a domain name, a good hosting provider and a keyword research tool

You can also add VPN costs to how much it should cost you, the reason is that to do a proper keyword research,

it is an added advantage to use the VPN,  so that it will appear that you are in US, or other tier one country.

every blogger wants to target tier one country because of high conversion rate and an AdSense click from US or UK can be as high  as $3 compared with the $0.01 you will get from a click from India.

so that’s why bloggers are targeting the tier one country, therefore if you have added the cost of a NordVPN,

it will amount to (amount of VPN + amount of starting a blog) as we shall estimate later.


N.B The difference is that a .com domain names are usually easy to remember, say you meet a friend in the train and you told her you have a blog, she is likely to remember www.myblig com  , .Us, or .uk or .in


How much does it cost to write a blog?

To write a blog, it cost nothing if you want to write it by yourself, there are other two ways you can write a blog post.

By using an automated software and you may want to source for writers, but you know the better thing is,

it is either you write it yourself or you pay someone to write them for you. Never use an automated software to write your blog post,

it isn’t worth it, google is becoming smarter day after day, spun content get penalized

How much it cost to write a blog post assuming you want to hire people to do it for you

Your cost depends on the experience of the individual, and how long you want the content to be.

Well, sometimes I use writing agency too, everyone does, and what I use is ..and they have been wonderful if you would like someone to help you write your blog post,

check the prices  here

How much does it cost to start a blog on wordPress?

You can start a blog on wordless in three ways and the cost is different.

You can start a blog on wordless for free and therefore it will cost you no amount.

You can also start your blog on WordPress by buying a domain name and a web hosting from WordPress,

WordPress hosting is more expensive compared to other like SiteGround and Bluehost hosting.

You can also blog on WordPress by using other recommended web hosting like Bluehost. WordPress recommends Bluehost web hosting,

it means that you can buy your domain from Bluehost and still blog on WordPress,

in fact, Bluehost already have WordPress installed in the dashboard/Cpanel as per official partners .

Once you host your website on Bluehost, WordPress is just a click away


You see that how much it will cost you to start a blog, whether in the UK, in US or in India depends on those factors that has been discussed above,

we have made some recommendations

Nonetheless, it is your business, so you know what you want more than anyone.

make the choice of  what you want, whether you want to be a pro blogger from starting,

it will cost $2k and if you just want to start with something you can start a blog and start making money with $45

Pro hint, the visual part of your blog, deserves a second thought,

however, what you should focus on as a starter is your content and content marketing,

a good content well researched on a premium domain in a  good web hosting is  all you needed to start a blog.

Give it a shot, and let us know how much your budget is and how much you spent to us start your blog,

N.B only few started as a pro…

Tell us if you want you us to address a particular topics

We love FEEDBACKS!!!


Prices($) Priority Non priority
Laptop 2000+ ×
Blogging course $24 ×


Keyword Research tools 9/49
Web Hosting 2.95*12
Domain name Free
Elementor Free Free $48
Editing tools (Grammarly/ prowritigAid) free v paid 30
Advertising Depends on the bidding keywords ×
Moz 79 ×
Semrush 120
Total expenses 9+2.95*12=

44.4 or


49 + 2.95*12



+48+30 +79+120=



From the above analysis, you can see that you can start a blog with as low as $45 and you can also start with as high as  $2k or more.

The choice is yours, to either stick with Priority plan, like most Beginners or you go for the less priority plan

Let us know what you are going with.




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