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Getresponse Pricing|complete Reviews

Getresponse Review 2021

Following this article, I’ll take a look at a well-known email marketing solution and drill down into all you should know if it right for your business or you need an alternative.

Let’s take a look…

Getresponse review contents
* What is Getresponse?
* Pricing and plans
* Getresponse features
* FAQ(s)

What is Getresponse?
Getresponse is another email-marketing tool that allows you to:

* make a mailing breakdown and catch information unto it

* send messages to the audience on your mailing list

* mechanize your messages to audience through utilization of ‘autoresponders’

* view and dissect statistics linked with your email campaigns (open rate, navigate, forward, etc.)

I’m recent times notwithstanding, Getresponse has moved its significance greatly: the item currently points be a greater amount of a wide internet business and web based online solution— rather than a customary email marketing tool.

In addition, Getresponse currently offers a web builder, e-commerce features, chat features, automated sales funnel and landing pages.

Getresponse Pricing and Plans

GetResponse Pricing: The Basics

On Getresponse, there are four pricing packages which has split according to the additional features you want such as unlimited landing pages, autoresponders, forms and surveys, etc. If you’re happy with the first package, then you can stay on the Basic Plan. However, to get additional features, you will have to upgrade to at least “Plus” package so you can get features like sales funnels, webinars, eCommerce.

Getresponse pricing starts from $15 monthly for 1k subscribers on the Basic Plan.

The basic plan starts at around $15 per month for 1k subscribers. This goes up to $25 for 2,500 subscribers or $65 for 10,000 subscribers and so on. All the plans on Getresponse come with amazing features like autoresponders and emails, and there is no extra setup fee.

The four GetResponse pricing plans are:
1. Basic: This comes with 1,000 subscribers at $15 per month.
3. Plus: This comes with 1,000 subscribers at $49 per month
5. Professional: This comes with 10,000 subscribers at $99 per month.
7. Enterprise: This is the highest plan which comes with over 100,000 at $1,999 per month.

From the stat above, there is a huge gap between Professional and Enterprise. This is because Enterprise comes with some extra features that are specially for larger businesses.

However, the Enterprise plan can change depending on your list size and requirements. The best thing you can do is to make sure that you keep in touch with Getresponse team. This will help you outline your needs specifically.

GetResponse Pricing: Key Differences Between Plans

All GetResponse pricing/plan options come with different essential features, such as:
1. RSS and blog-to-email functionality
2. Social sharing tools
3. Autoresponder functionality
4. Responsive email design
5. Email database importing and management
6. Comprehensive list segmentation
7. In-depth reporting
8. Countless email templates
9. Split testing

Notably, there are a few difference between each of these plans (Basic, Plus and Professional), These differences are explained below.

For instance:
1. The automation builder is only applicable on the Professional or Expertise plan. This feature helps you build an advanced autoresponder series based on user behaviour and keeps a strong relationship with your audience.
2. Autofunnel tools is available on Professional or higher plan. It’s a tools that helps in nurturing your customers and improve sales. As a matter of fact, you need this tool to push leads along your sales funnel.
4. GetResponse’s important tool for customer relationship is only available from Plus plan and above.
6. Webinar functionality is only applicable from the Plus plan and above. That means, you can only get the option to host webinars (online course) for up to 100 people on the Plus package, which means you can amplify when you have a bigger audience.
7. On the basic plan, you will only get a single user account, which might not be enough for a larger team.
8. eCommerce tools are only applicable on Plus plan and above. That is, you can sell your product on Plus plan and not Basic plan.

GetResponse Pricing: How is billing calculated?

On Getresponse, your billing (monthly or annually) is bent on the top number of active audience you’re dealing with as at that time. This means that if a subscriber enumeration eventually goes up and you didn’t pay for the right plan, then Getresponse will charge at a higher plan.

For example, if you start with the Basic plan which is $15 for 1,000 subscribers, but your highest subscriber count hits 1,010 in the third month of your plan, you’ll be charged a higher fee for such number of subscribers.

Although this might not be your intention based on the plan you use but at the same time you paid for what you used. However, you do not worry about buying a higher plan as Getreponse will adjust the pricing for you.

On the other hand, note that each of your email lists are handed separately by GetResponse. That means if you are adding an extra email to multiple lists of subscribers, it will be counted as multiple contracts. This is a bit faustrating, as it simplifies you’re paying another extra charge to connect with the same person. In other words, you don’t pay for active subscribers, which means that indirectly you are not to pay an extra charge for deleted addresses, bounced email accounts and unsubscribes.

GetResponse Pricing: Verdict
The price you will pay for on GetResponse depends on
1. Size of email list
2. Features to be accessed.

The pricing structure means that it’s easy to navigate any tool that fits the needs of your business. You can start by analysing the feature list that’s most engaging to you, then let the price modify normally as your audience grows.

Beginners are likely to start with the Basic plan as they look forward to better features that ca. help you nature their marketing leads.

However, if you want to access more advanced features, you can upgrade to the next level with the Professional or Expertise Plans. There is a big gap between the Basic and Essential Plan when it come to eCommerce setup, features and cart support.

Though, GetResponse is a quite expensive software in the market, yet it’s not the most expensive either. There is a 30-day free trial available for all Plans so you can checkout which option works best for you. I recommend you start with the trial version before handling your card details.

GetResponse Pricing: Other Informations to Note
GetResponse software can take time to get acquainted to. The fact still remains that your charge changes according to how many subscribers you have, which means that you’ll need a better look on how many audience you’re communication to.

However, the simple trick is take you time to often clear and get rid of anyone who is not responding to your mails as this is one key to keep your budget down.

Key Getresponse features
In contrasting other email marketing tools, GetResponse comes with a unique feature setup, which is applicable on any entry level plan. The tool provides all the necessary features you ought to expect from any email marketing software as mentioned above. Recently, it’s been developing its feature to the stage where it’s known as an all-in-one marketing eCommerce solution.

Below are some of the amazing features on GetResponse email marketing software.

1. Autoresponders:
These are electronic newsletters that are sent to subscribers at different timing based on choice. For instance, you can set this newsletters so that

I. Immediately a person signups to your mail list, they get a warmth welcome message from your business.
II. A week later, they can get a product or service on promo.
III. As time goes on, they could receive a motivation to follow you on social media handles.
And so on.

Marketing automation tools
Marketing Automation tools works hand-to-hand with Autoresponder and they are available on ‘Plus’ plans or higher.

This tool allows you to create an automation system using a drag and drop tool. Basically, you design this in such a way that it instructs Getresponse what to to if a user opens a product or service.

Getresponse email templates
There are s total of 115 Getresponse email templates available which is less than some email marketing competitors like Aweber which offers around 700 templates but they are varied and the designs are tweakable.

The templates are grouped in categories centered around educating, promoting, selling, etc. and they have high quality.

Split testing
Split testing is sending series of your electronic newsletters to some of your contact list, sending a better version to the left over if your list and mentoring the performance of each.

Landing page creator
Another amazing features Getresponse offers is Landing Page Creator. Online advertising campaigns in most cases generate leads, direct people to an informative website, that contains clean and clear information, well designed capture form.

Get response offers a Mobile friendly landing page creator that many of its competitors don’t have. A Getrespomse landing page template can be used to build squeeze pages.

Lately, Getresponse introduced the potential to host online webinars. Being that webinars are used to generate lead generation strategy or a revenue generating system, the idea of having this feature is very appealing.

When it comes to webinar pricing on other softwares, it very competitive by comparison with Getresponse. For instance, one of the well known webinar hosting services, GOTOWEBINAR, charges $89 monthly to host a webinar with nothing less than 100 participant. But with Getresponse Plus plan, you only pay $49 monthly for 100 participant, 500 participants for both ‘Professional’ and ‘Enterprise Plan’.

The usefulness of Getresponse webinar features are:
1. Your attendees don’t need to install the software.
2. screensharing functionality
3. video sharing functionality like YouTube
4. one-click record of your webinars
5. Upload PowerPoint Presentation during webinars.

Some negativity attached to it:
1. you can only run paid webinars
2. the file capacity limits for your recorded webinars aren’t massively generous
3. the 500 attendee limit is the absolute max.

Despite these negativities, webinar features is very vital to have in your email marketing business and that’s why Getresponse has an edge over its competitors.

If you’re still not sure about GetResponse pricing, the following FAQ(s) might help:

Question: What if I go beyond my plan limit?
Answer: GetResponse doesn’t stop your service if you go beyond your plan at any given time. Instead, the lists are added to your bills, with a list extension charge at the end of the month and that ensures that you are to pay the right amount.

Question: When can I cancel my account?
Answer: Getresponse doesn’t sign any contract with you which means that you can cancel at any time simply by going to your Billing Page and click “Cancel Subscription “. Note that all of your business information is completely lost when you cancel an account with Getresponse.

Question: Can you get a refund from GetResponse?
Answer: No! because it’s a pay per service, you will not get a refund from Getresponse, even if you cancel immediately after you’ve been charged for the first month. The old money won’t be refunded but no extra fee will be taken.

Question: How do paid webinars work?
Answer: Paid webinars on Getresponse are attainable when someone pays to join the class. This can be made available in the auto funnel tool when setting up a webinar with the Professional plan.

Question: Are there discounts for non-profits?
Answer: Yes! Mostly all email marketing softwares offers amazing discounts for Charity and no-profit organisation. You can slide though to the charity page to see where you qualify for up to 50% off any chosen package.

Question How does the Enterprise option work?
Answer: The Enterprise package is a unique and top-notch customised offer that is specifically designated to fits your needs. All you need to do is contact the Getresponse customer area, the sales group will assist in creating the package for you based on what you need. It means that the price can be different from the one you see on Getresponse portal.

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