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A2 Hosting VS Siteground 2021|Features|Pricing

A2 Hosting VS Siteground 2021|Features|Pricing

When talking about hosting providers, A2 hosting and Siteground has been exceptional in their services over the years. In my previous article on A2 REVIEW and how to build a WordPress blog on Siteground, I stated detailed information about them.

However, from my previous post, you should be able to know which of the hosting providers that best suit your blog but hey…No! In this post, I’ll clearly review the best amongst them.

Do you think A2 hosting is better than Siteground or vice versa? I can’t say either because both of them are just too good but however, I’ll review both features so it’s your choice to choose. The comparison of A2 Hosting Vs Siteground is based on performance and preference data from user reviews.

Reviews: A2 Hosting rates 144 reviews with 4.5/5 stars. By comparison, SiteGround rates 121 reviews with 3.9/5 stars. Each provider’s score with present data from verified users analysis so as to help you make the best choice between the two and also decide which is best for you.

Contrasting the both is another near hit. They both provide advanced features that gives exceptional web hosting performance.

In addition to advanced speed and uptime, users have confidently mentioned that there is a great customer support from both of these web hosting companies.

Although, A2 Hosting and SiteGround are capable of hosting any type of website, yet they are both good for those using CMS especially WordPress.

With A2 Hosting, you get an optimized WP environment for advanced speed and maximum security, and you can have WordPress preinstalled when you join them. Meanwhile SiteGround has made themselves as one of the best, most effective, efficient and cost effective options to manage WordPress hosting.

Both A2 and SiteGround gives you cPanel as your hosting network which is another addition.

The hosting plans for each company are similarly the same (3 levels: startup, advanced and premium packages). However, both companies offers a lot of value with their plans with each comes with very impressive features.

So far, in a battle of two giants, it’s often difficult to ascertain who gets the best review between A2 Hosting and SiteGround. Both are very adored in web hosting world and have been in operation since the 2000s.

From my last post, A2 Hosting started in an office at Ann-Arbor, Michigan United States of America while SiteGround spread across a few Europe nations but both offer different servers in various Key Europe locations to their users.

Now, let’s see more reviews about this two from Users


When it comes to performance, A2 offers excellent a fast speed based on specific locations but SiteGround speeds moves a little across various continents. Although, availability is best for both web hosting companies.

Also, it’s a little perplexing about SiteGround performance they provide adequate SSD and HTTP/2 with built-in accumulation and more. Maybe, the difference stays in A2 Hosting Turbo server and custom advancement. The only issue seen here is A2 hosting setup doesn’t support Python.

Users complain about A2 hosting live chat service support, but SiteGround seems to have more improvement. SiteGround offers 24/7 live chat, but know that it’s only for sales support not technical issues.

SiteGround: Sharp Renewal Fee

When it comes to higher rate, A2 has a high significant rate than SiteGround while SiteGround pays almost double. Renewing with SiteGround is also quite expensive. SiteGround offers $19.95 as a little step for a renewed interest plan (maybe the least) especially for standard shared hosting.

With experiences and reviews that leads to long term web hosting businesses and infrastructure, either of the two host would be a good choice. I hope that more users and advanced user will benefits more as they will will be capable to take full advantage of the latest tools these companies offers.

From my review, A2 Hosting May Be Faster, but SiteGround Is Much More Reliable.

SiteGround has a lot of infrastructure in place to make sure your website load quickly, even when there are a lots of visitors engaging at the same time. For example, SiteGround uses an SSD drive that load web pages faster than a normal HDD drive.

In addition to these speed performance boost features, SiteGround has its own SuperCacher, which uses multiple cache tools to appropriate your web pages rapidly.

Siteground’s server and page loading times are must faster than hosts without used speed boosting tech, with its speed

If Review states Siteground is this faster, how does A2 Hosting compare?

Surprisingly, A2 Hosting has a fast loading web pages tool and server response times. This is due to the usage of speed-Managed servers.

Additionally, A2 Hosting gives an advanced feature called Turbo, but this is only for expensive Turbo plan. Meanwhile, Turbo delivers speeds about 20x faster than other hosting plans. A2 Hosting server and response times are more advanced in less than a quarter half of a second in some cases although. This means that A2 server response time is optimally between 0.23 and 0.28 secs (times two of Siteground)

At this point, which one is more RELIABLE based on response times and speed?

Reliability in this case is fixed in terms of uptime. So Siteground gets an edge ahead of A2 Hosting based on the review above.

However, both A2 Hosting and Siteground have a 99% uptime guaranteed, but the difference is Siteground has a consistent monthly average of 99.98% which is equals to 8.5 mins of downtime.

A2 Hosting maximum uptime is 99.92% which equates almost 35 minutes of downtime per month. Initially, the uptime was just 99.7% , which equates 129 mins of downtime.

Yet, who is the best? Hmmmm, what a tie!

While A2 Hosting speed makes it double as smart as Siteground, its uptime history is not really encouraging, making your website at owner’s risk. siteground may be slower yes! But it’s page loading speeds are still more unique and won’t have to worry about long moments of downtime.

Another comparison is based on Backups…
When contemplating on the web hosting company to use, aside the pricing, there are other factors to consider and this actually results to the value given by the hosting company. Below are some of the factors and they are part of our comparison:

Overall, looking at A2 Hosting and Siteground comparison based on value, it is beginning to show that Siteground is a better choice. These are the reasons below:

With Siteground, you get free backups daily that are kept for 30 days and an advanced tool that helps you restore backups when lost or you need them while H2 Hosting only provide possible backups on add-on service and this backup is determined on the size of backup needed, though starting from 5GB.

On the initial terms, you do not need to pay ahead of a two year plan with Siteground. The price is similar whether you go with a 12 month or 3-year plan. But with A2, you have to stick specifically to a 3-year plan to get the lowest prices.

Boiling down to Renewal prices, Sitegtound renewal prices are high just as A2 Hosting. However, with A2 Hosting, you’ve to pay even if it’s 15 days before your plan renews unless you cancel the automatic renewal. However, you’ve to pay for renewal term and you won’t get a dime (shi-shi) back.

A Short Wise Story!
After getting views online about this post, I decided to test A2 web hosting companies storage system through their customer service support.

I asked the customer service support agent about the unlimited storage and was boldly told that there were no limits. Then I initiated an idea that I wanted to transfer a 60GB sized file. The customer service support agent told me that A2 Shared hosting is only suitable with 40GB and if I wanted to use 60GB storage, I would choose a VPS plan instead.
Yet! A2 Hosting is still a good web hosting company!

Siteground gives you value for three (3) major reasons
1. Guaranteed backups
2. No upfront payment for long term
3. No storage limit

Another comparison is SiteGround Is exceptional about Security while A2 Hosting Isn’t.

Saving your website from malware, hackers, and other security threats is an important topic to be discussed in web hosting.

Stating about security, Siteground users advanced AI-powered tech in its server firewalls and also owns security speck to be released by developers soon.

A2 Hosting has what it titled Perpetual Security, which is aimed at protecting your website at all times. However, A2 Hosting develops its own security wall.

Siteground has an edge over A2 hosting when it comes to users review based on proactive approach to protecting your website. A2 Hosting security tool is good but doesn’t respond to attacks quickly as Siteground does.

Siteground gives easy usage on their website while A2 Hosting is more complicated. Now, let me bring you to something important:

If you’ve a website hosted somewhere, Siteground gives free migration no matter the company your existing website is built upon while A2 offers free migrations for websites on cPanel.

When it comes to money back guarantee, A2 Hosting is good, which means you can get a refund for the remaining for the rest period of your old term if you change your kind while Siteground money back period is 30 days.

SiteGround free migrations and integration with Weebly, SiteGround makes it the better choice for features.

Getting Help from SiteGround Is Easy while with A2 Hosting, you have to wait.

On A2 Hosting, no matter how skilled you are, you’ll need to contact customer service support at some point, where it’s billing problem or technical issue, you will contact support anytime you need to.

Siteground has a great reputation for reliable, fast customer service support that is available 24/7. You can get in touch via live chat, email and phone. Site ground has some smartest customer service support agents around.

With email support, you can expect a response in about 5 minutes (not an automated response, but a response from a person!) Live chat gets you connected directly to an agent quickly, and you won’t have to wait in a long queue if you can them either.

A2 Hosting has 24/7 customer service support that is been known as Guru Crew (live chat, phone and ticket availability). It claims to be one of the fastest customer support service in the industry.

Based on users review, customers report waiting more than 24 hours for a reply when they use email support and phone is also problematic.

Well, from the above reviews on customer service support, Siteground seems to be more better than A2 Hosting. Siteground scores higher for its customer service support expert review.

Choose SiteGround for Reliability, Support and Value.

Our Recommendations

When building a new website, I recommend you go with Siteground. This is because, you won’t have to pay up-front for a long period of time which is better if your plans are on budget.
Also, you get a lot of technological features for your money. If you want to know more about Siteground, kindly check the previous review I made about Siteground

If you need more storage, then A2 Hosting could work better for you having it in mind that the upper limit of 50 GB for shared hosting plans. To discover more about A2 Hosting, read the last article.


2021 Update: This year as in past years, A2 Hosting and Siteground both remain top competitors for the best WordPress website hosts.

They almost have the same perfect balance of affordability, speed and features. For top Businesses managing around 5-15 websites, these two web hosting companies are preferable choices of value.

Comparing Premium Kinsta and premium WP Engine, both of these two hosts offer same features but allow hosting for many sites at a lower price. In fact, A2 Hosting and Siteground are only 10-25% of the cost of Kinsta and premium WP Engine.

We still strongly recommend both A2 Hosting and Siteground in 2021!



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