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A2 Hosting Pricing|Review|features|Plans

A2 Hosting Pricing|Review|features|Plans


In this article, I’ll be making a detailed review on one of the best and recommended web hosting providers anyone can rely on which is known as A2 WEB HOSTING. If you are looking out for a reliable host provider to host your blog and websites, then this article is for you. All you need do is simply follow me till the end and you’ll get detailed information about A2 web hosting.

Note: All you will get to know about A2 web hosting & answers to questions asked by many are

1. Introduction to A2 Web Hosting
2. Is A2 Hosting good for WordPress?
3. How much does A2 Hosting cost?
4. What’s the best A2 hosting plan?
5. PROS & CONS of A2 web hosting

A2 Hosting with the acronym (Our Speed, Your Success) is a friendly and developer-reliable provider that offers interminable adaptability and compulsory and necessary features to develop a website. They offer a money back guarantee host unconditional promise, so you can have your site on A2 Hosting, risk free. They’re additionally notable for their super quick and dependable web facilitating.

A2 Hosting was originally launched as a skill test in a two-room office in Ann-Arbor, Michigan, United States of American. As time went on, it was evident that the skill test began to grow into something more with team members spread across the globe.

The company grew time to time from hosting a couple of sites for few companions to hosting thousand of big enterprise. Then, other features came into the business such as Shared Web Hosting, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server Solutions.

A2 Hosting is owned by CEO Bryan Muthig (Experienced in UNIX System Administration) came back strong in 2001 to independently own A2 Hosting. Since then till date, A2 is one of the best recommended hosting providers in the world.

Over the years, many clients have been looking for a good and reliable hosting provider in the states and confirmed that A2 host provider can be trusted.


As we all know, WordPress is one of the best Content Management System (CMS) platform for building a blog or website. Mostly all hosting providers has a direct link to installing WordPress on their hosting space but note, any web host you’re considering should be held to a much higher standard.

Having given WordPress a publicity, hosts should offer explicit components outfitted towards its clients – A2 Hosting doesn’t disappoint in this viewpoint:

* Optimized WordPress installations: A2 Hosting offers improved WordPress establishments to amplify speed and security. This enables you to zero in on developing your site without thinking stressfully about performance.

* WordPress site fast loading: A lot of Internet talks about A2 WordPress loading but yet they seem to stand against the claim as testimonials of clients have altered it. Sites that load faster reduces bounce rates and it’s a plus to a website. A2 enables that appropriately.

So, the above question has been answered, A2 web hosting is compatible with WordPress,
Let’s move on to more details.

How much does A2 Hosting cost?

So far, following this article from the start, I’ve reviewed the about A2 hosting and if it’s WordPress compatible. In this paragraph, I’ll talk about how much does A2 hosting charge per hosting plan.

From the above introduction, I know you’d want to try out A2 Web hosting for your website but before you shoot ahead, I’m going to show you A2 Web Hosting for different plans & packages so you can pick the plan that fits in your plan and your budget.

A2 Web Hosting Pricing Plan Summary

A2 Hosting offers five (5) different types of web hosting services.
* Shared web hosting: This range from $2.99 – $14.99 per month.
* WordPress hosting: This range from $2.99 – $14.99 per month.
* VPS hosting: This range from $5 – $50 per month.
* Reseller hosting: This range from $13.19 – $40.91 per month.
* Dedicated server hosting: This range from $99.59 – $290.49 per month.

A2 Hosting Pricing Plans

A2 Hosting is one of the most popular and recommended web hosting companies everyone search on the Internet.

They serve thousands of customers around the world. Their offerings include shared web hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting.

A2 Hosting offers various types of web hosting solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes regardless of the type of website involved.

Shared Hosting is where most businesses start. It comes with adequate resources for a small business website: This range from $13.19 – $40.91 per month.

WordPress Hosting: A2 Hosting also offers WordPress hosting that is specifically optimized for WordPress performance. Their Shared WordPress Hosting plans and Shared web hosting plans are exactly the same. A2 Hosting also gives access fully to managed WordPress hosting plans from $11.99 per month.

VPS Hosting: A2 Hosting likewise offers a scope of VPS Hosting solutions. VPS hosting on A2 hosting is stated via the chart below

Managed VPS from $25/mo
Unmanaged VPS $5/mo and
Core VPS from $25/mo)
This is to help you scale your online business with no hiccups.

A2 Hosting likewise offers reasonable white-name Reseller Hosting you can use to construct your own web facilitating business:

Dedicated Server Hosting: A2 Hosting additionally offers Dedicated Server Hosting

This hosting plan varies from $141.09/mo, unmanaged worker from $99.59/mo and root worker from $141.09/mo) for quickly developing on the web organizations that get a ton of traffic.


A2 Hosting Provider offers a wide variety of web hosting solutions. But as much as I wish, there’s no one-size-fits-all web hosting solution.

Below, I will break down different types of hosting services that suits your business, all you need to do is choose the one that best in your business.

Is Shared Hosting Right For You?

Shared Hosting is where businesses start especially with web hosting. It is the cheapest and can accommodate thousands of audience every month.

For those who don’t have a huge online presence or if you are just starting out, I recommend starting with Shared Web Hosting because It is cheap and also offers enough tools for most small businesses but, If your website doesn’t get a lot of traffic, it will take you a long time to outgrow shared web hosting. In other words, shared hosting can help your business grow.

What’s the best A2 hosting plan?

The best A2 hosting plan depends on what you want actually. So in the below paragraph, I’ll highlight the different details of some of the plans on A2 Web hosting.

A2 Hosting offers a wide variety of web hosting provision. Yet, however much I wish, Below, I’ll break down (explain) the above mentioned plans here so you can choose your favorite.

Do You Think Shared Hosting is Right for You?

Shared Hosting is the place where most organizations start with web hosting. It is the least expensive and can deal with a large number of guests consistently. On the off chance that you don’t have enough money or you’re just getting started, then , I suggest beginning with Shared Web Hosting.

I recommend Shared hosting plan is because It is cheap and offers enough tools for most small businesses but it requires a lot of traffic.

Which of the A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting Plan Is Right For You?

There is no distinction in what you get with Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting. The plans are indistinguishable and offer similar features at a similar cost.

The only contrast is that WordPress Hosting is suggested for WordPress websites specifically.

In case you are attempting to track down the ideal WordPress Hosting plan for your business, view the above chart on choosing a Shared Hosting plan as both Shared hosting and WordPress hosting offer same indistinguishable plans.

Is Managed VPS Hosting Right For You?

Despite the fact that A2 Hosting offers various kinds of VPS Hosting, I suggest going with managed VPS Hosting as it makes it a lot simpler to deal with a VPS with no specialized information.

In the event that your site is slow, moving it to a VPS can give it a lift in speed. On the off chance that your site is getting a ton of traffic or is running an unpredictable web application, a VPS can deal with all the traffic and the heap without any problem.

Which A2 Hosting VPS Hosting Plan Is the Best For You?

The VPS Power+Plan is right for you if:

* If you get less than 100k visitors, then amazingly, this plan is absolutely perfect for any website that doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

VPS can handle a lot of visitors easily and will give your website a boost in speed.

* At least for an average small business, you don’t need a lot of storage: This plan comes with 75 GB in storage, which can handle all your media storage.

* If your website is getting huge and consistent traffic, you will need a strong backend that can handle all the visitors. This package comes with 6 GB RAM and 6 Cores, which can easily consolidate your traffic search to 200k visitors per search.

* If you want your website grow really fast , this plan can handle a lot more visitors than what you think. This features comes with 8 GB RAM and 8 Cores. and it can easily handle up to 400k visitors or more.

* If you need a lot of storage, this amazing plan gives 150 GB of storage. It however, comes with 4 Terabytes bandwidth, which should be enough for most websites even if you get a lot of file download requests.

Is Reseller Hosting Right For You?

I suggest Reseller Hosting for any individual who needs to begin a we hosting business or manages a great deal of website designs customers. On the off chance that you work with a ton of customers, Reseller Hosting can assist you with making an automated revenue stream without any problem.

Maybe than send your customers to other web facilitating organizations, you can sign them up yourself and charge them a premium on the web facilitating administrations you offer.

Is Dedicated Hosting Right For You?

Dedicated Hosting is for organizations that have grown out of shared web hosting. If you don’t presently depend on VPS Hosting or you don’t believe your information shared by others, then, at that point Dedicated Hosting is intended for you.

I suggest going with an managed devoted server as it is a lot simpler to oversee and doesn’t need a lot of specialized information.

Pros Of Using A2 Hosting

Prior to picking A2 Hosting, you should know the upsides and downsides (benefits and hindrances) and below, states the necessary information to be adhered to. So kindly follow till the end.

Summary: Their speed is astounding, uptime is solid, customer care is amicable, security highlights are plentiful, and refund is liberal. On top, all things considered, they’re even environmental.

Let’s talk about H2 Hosting Pro.

1. Astounding Speed Loading:

In the previous a year, they have conveyed an astonishing normal speed of 284 ms which seems perfect.

A2 Hosting has been showing further developed outcomes month to month premise. In this way making them perhaps the quickest host we’ve tried.

2. Dependable and Reliable Uptime of 99.98%

On top of being lightning-quick, A2 Hosting is likewise solid. They had some difficulty a couple of years prior when their uptime battled to arrive at the business standard of 99.93%. Nevertheless, they’ve turned the issues around over the previous year and accomplished a normal of 99.98% uptime. The absolute personal time of their servers was under two hours.

3. Daily (24/7) Server Monitoring and Malware Scanning

The most ideal approach to protect your site is by solving issues before they break out. In any case, additional checking, firewalls, or layers of encryption can frequently dial clients back.

A2 Hosting workers are secured by “HackScan,” a day in and day out observing help that outputs for malware and different assaults.

So A2 Hosting has you covered to deal with abrupt, startling floods.

4. Free Site Migrations Depending on the Plan (Migrate to A2 host without stress)

A2 Hosting offers to move a solitary existing site over to their host without additional charge on all plans.

With the common facilitating plan, in the event that you have numerous sites that you need to relocate, all
it cost is just $10/site.

In any case, in case you’re going with the Reseller, Dedicated, or Managed VPS facilitating, you get 25 free site movements. Their terms of administration explain everything.

To exploit this, you need to contact their client care division and give them your cPanel account accreditations.

In the event that your sites have some other control board than cPanel, they may take a little expense for the additional work.

5. Content Management Systems (CMS) and Developer Easy-to-Design Tool

A2 Hosting works consistently with all significant substance the executives frameworks.

You can introduce a WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla, or Magento site with only a couple of snaps and needn’t bother with an engineer to do that.

A2 Hosting additionally has execution improving modules to make these CMSs quicker, beginning from the “Super Boost” plan. You get a free Cloudflare CDN with all amazing features that further add to lighting things up.

Assume you’re a website admin or office hoping to have many locales under one rooftop. All things considered, A2 Hosting accompanies designer cordial apparatuses. You can get administrator level access on workers, free worker rewind reinforcements, and numerous renditions of everything from PHP to MySQL, Apache, Python, Ruby, and so on

A2 Hosting likewise has a web designer, properly named A2 SiteBuilder. Nonetheless, it is excluded from the standard facilitating plans and is estimated independently.

6. “ANYTIME” Money-Back Guarantee 24/7

Most has that we’ve checked on offer a 30-day unconditional promise. Notwithstanding, A2 Hosting has gone farther than the newest host providers and gives an “ANYTIME “ money guarantee. This states that you actually get a full discount inside the initial 30 days. Yet, in the event that you discover the help not reasonable, you can drop whenever and get a customized sum back for the excess time you’ve paid ahead of time.

In any case, there are a couple of tangles.

The first is that any discount demand past the underlying 120 days is given through PayPal. Another is that ‘extra’ administrations like space enlistments, arrangement, or relocation expenses are nonrefundable.

7. Quick Customer Support

A2 Hosting gives every minute of every day support through live talk, email, tagging, and telephone. They additionally have a huge information base on the off chance that you like to discover a respond to yourself or gain some new useful knowledge.

Nonetheless, our most loved is a live visit that we generally prefer to try out.

We posed a basic inquiry about their common facilitating plans and got associated with the client assistance rep very quickly.

Cons of Using A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has many advantages going for them, yet some disadvantages has been tracked down by some researchers.

Here are the cons below:

1. Registering Domain Name isn’t Free

A2 Hosting excludes a free domain name in any of their common facilitating plans. This is certifiably not an exceptionally normal sight in the hosting business that the vast majority of the hosts we’ve investigated offer a free area name (basically for the first year).

To move a domain name at A2 Hosting, you’d need to pay, for instance, $14.95/year for .com extension (repays at a similar cost).

2. High Renewal Rates and a 15-Day Deadline

A2 Hosting offers lower costs with long plans. They likewise have little cost with their plans when signing your first term with them, which brings down the lower cost by the greater part.

This awesome deal closes after the first time frame when the programmed restoration price kicks in at the normal cost. The recharging fixed price, is about multiple times higher than the amount paid at the first price.

3. Limitations on the Cheapest Plan

The initial cost for A2 Hosting’s cheapest shared hosting alternative “Startup”is presently $1.99/month. That is not the most reduced estimating we’ve seen, but rather it’s very acceptable.

Yet, there are various limitations to that least costing plan. You just get a one man site with 100 GB of SSD stockpiling, and there are missing features and tools like programmed backups and server rewind. The following plan currently gives you limitless sites and SSD stockpiling, free programmed reinforcements, and 2x more assets, beginning at $3.99/month.

It makes you keep thinking about whether the least expensive plan is only there to advance a low cost when the genuine price for making a site start at a bit more costly than the initial.

Do We Recommend A2 Hosting?
Yes, we do.

Over the years, A2 Hosting has consistently delivered world class speed for the last several years. They have also improved on server uptime, which is now more reliable. Come to think of it, all their shared hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate and free site migration.

And if you have any issue at any time while being a customer, you can ask for a refund and it would be fully granted.

Note: If you’re paying for the most expensive shared plan to host unlimited websites “Turbo Max”, A2 hosting will still give you one free site migration because renewal fees are high and the terms and conditions after the former period aren’t easy.

Not just only that, A2 hosting offers a free domain name included in any of their shared hosting plans.
Visit to learn more.

I hope you got exactly what you’re looking for about A2 hosting?Please think about leaving a review below — good or bad — doesn’t really matter as long it’s helpful to our visitors.


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