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Bluehost Australia Review|Pricing|Best Web Hosting

Bluehost Australia Review|Pricing|Best Web Hosting

Hello guys,

Do you know that starting a blog could be one of the best investment you could really make.?

Blogging really gives you the ability to work at your own pace.

Whether blogging will be easy for you is determined by a lot of factors, one of which is your hosting platform.

I will give you an instance. You want to build a magnificent mansion and you start such a building on a very poor foundation.

Bluehost Australia Review|Pricing|Best Web Hosting


what do you think will happen to the house when the erection finishes?

Collapse, I know that should be what’s on your mind.

Yes, such a magnificent structure will collapse because it not laid on a good foundation

The same goes for blogging. You need to lay it on an excellent platform.

Ever since I started blogging, I have had many experiences on different platform but I could really say Bluehost is just the best though it has some downsides, as we would discuss later

Deciding to host your blog on Bluehost is a wonderful decision you have made because ,

Bluehost offers you reliability and a blazing fast website.

It has one of the best friendly interface, that you can mess around with.

as a new user, you could actually customize your blog to suit your choice without hiring overpaid WordPress developers

in fact, Bluehost is the official partner of WordPress, and WordPress gives you several templates  to choose from

The customer’s response from the team is a top-notch, as the team is available 24/7. Should there be any problem that you encounter?

But you want to know if Bluehost is in Australia, or if people in Australia can use Bluehost.

Now let me take you on a simple coaster ride to Bluehost in Australia.

This is a full review of Bluehost Australia. We have checked the speed of Bluehost in Australia,

How much Bluehost cost in Australian dollars, whether Bluehost is good in Australia,

the best Bluehost price in Australia to choose from,

you would also want to know whether Bluehost charges in Australia dollars and we have reviewed other web host companies available in Australia.

This is an honest review and although we would get a little commission at no extra cost to you,

our review is unbiased as we talked about both positive side and the negative side of Bluehost that other reviewers may be afraid to tell you.

You would like to clap us

“This is a personal research and observations given in good faith”

Before we consider anything else in the Key phrase “Bluehost Australia”

Here are a couple of things you should look out for before paying any amount for web hosting.

What to look out for in web hosting

You have also heard that in blogging, content is King, i.e. you must always write a good and readable content.

Good content also includes content that is timely delivered to the user.

Honestly, people don’t have so much time to wait for a particular content to load.

It is called loading speed. Loading speed is the time it will take a website to deliver its content to the user, including the images.

Bluehost Australia Review|Pricing|Best Web Hosting


A good loading speed according to google is 2.0 seconds, you know what?

Have you ever visited a website or a blog that it forced you to hit the back button because the page isn’t just coming up? Or not just available?

When a situation like that happens, two things might have caused it.

First, the page would have been probably been deleted by the website owners and they have not pointed the error 404 page to a new page.

Second, the website is totally down and inaccessible.

What cause website to be down is bad hosting, so as a blogger you wouldn’t want your website to be down here and then, it is called downtime.

So, it is important that before you host your website on any hosting company that the downtime is nearly at zero.

You wouldn’t know the effect of this until you lose money.

Say that you have a website that sells products or that recommends products, but potential buyers wouldn’t just access your website because  at a particular hour of the day ,the website was down.

For this reason, you want a web hosting with a good up time .

Have you ever wondered why people are often recommending Bluehost? Apart from that, Bluehost has a good affiliate program,

It has a good up time. Bluehost is the recommended web hosting for WordPress site. It has a good features

As of April 2021, Bluehost speed is 688 ms (April)


Oh yeah, you care for security; your information, including your bio data, your card details are on their website. You also need to care about security because, there are people there who would have a website,

But can’t sit their ass to create content or images for it. They go about it copying content from people’s websites.

The sad thing is that, despite that google and other search engines are in the run to combat these people by de-indexing their website, or ranking them lower,

There has been only little success. For instance, if a website with a high DA and high PA copies your content, because it has a higher DA and PA,

google kind of trust websites with high DAs, and PAs, they would  rank them over yours even though they copied your content.

So we honestly think that security level has contributed to the success of Bluehost over the past decade.

More thing is that if your web hosting company has a poor security, it will tell on your website visitors.

 I visited a particular web hosting site. The first page told me to verify that I’m a human being. They didn’t hide that they were under attack.

Honestly, I couldn’t continue viewing the page because I barely have the time for captcha verification.

If a website is under attack and required that, to view a page on it, you must use the captcha,

What do you think of the hosted sites or blog on it? Would they also require captcha verification?

Although no website is beyond attack, at least cyber attack and content breaches are over the news.

but the bigger the company is, the bigger or more sophisticated the security will be.

I need not to tell you that Bluehost is one of the most popular website hosting on the internet if not the most popular.

One thing we like is that they give you several security kits and tips, for free. For example,

every website hosted on Bluehost can activate Spam Alert, Spam Hammer, etc.

They also have a partner with cloud fare. You know what cloud fare is? Cloud fare is a CDN, “Content Delivery Network”

they take care of the speed of your website when you have a large content and images on your website by delivering your content to the nearest server in the location where your users are from.

Say a person accessed your website from the United Kingdom, cloudfare will put your website content in the nearest server to the user so that next time a person accessed from that location,

(U. K) it serves the user the information already delivered to the nearest Server… hoops did you get?

Still on the security, have you ever tried coping a thing from a particular website,

But wouldn’t just allow you to copy? Lol yeah, the website has “hot link” activated.

You can’t copy any shit from it. If you host your website with Bluehost,

It ensures that you have a “hot link” activated.

Now let’s consider the prices..


There are some hosting that are just so expensive for beginners,

 Beginners who are just thinking of starting a website/blog are often discouraged when they see the heavy price they will have to pay.

Bluehost isn’t like that,

it has a good Price, what people call “friendly price” you don’t have to break the bank to have your website on Bluehost.

It offers various plans with outstanding features.

The lowest price in Bluehost is the basic plan, the basic plan as at the day if this post cost $2.95 per month.

Basic plan is good for personal blogs or website. If you would like to try it. See here.


Bluehost Australia Review|Pricing|Best Web Hosting



Yeah, you may want to ask, is Bluehost the cheapest web hosting? Well, I would say yes, although you have other cheap web hosting like Dream Host,

Dream Host’s starting price is $2.95, however you will get only 50GB Disk space, if you decide to use WP Engine Engine.

WP Engine has a starting price of $29.6 a month, what you will get is 10GB Disks space.

Lol do you not think Bluehost has the best price minding the features it will offer you? we made a post on how much it will cost you to start a blog here

Good Refund policy

The idea of refund policy is under-rated. Imagine paying $2.95 per month × 12 to find out that,

you have actually made a mistake or had you known of a particular thing, you wouldn’t have purchased the hosting?

Well, most web hosting will tell you they have a refund policy,

only for to you to hear that you have 48 hours to decide whether to continue.

with Bluehost you have 30 days to ask for a refund and you will get the money sent back to the PayPal or the Bank you used to make the payment.

General rating, We are not the only website rating Bluehost. On Trust pilot, 84% of users gave Bluehost 4.9 ratings.

Cons of Bluehost Australia

Payment on site migration., I feel like it will not be an unbiased view to says that everything works well with Bluehost.

yeah it has a good up time, good loading speed, nice pricing and excellent security features, but how does Bluehost treat their Customers.?

The first thing I will consider as a downside of Bluehost is that customers pay for website migration,

other  web hosting providers will freely offer a site migration and I think that makes sense because when you are transferring your website from a particular web host to Bluehost,

you only saying “look, I want to put some money on your table”

unfortunately Bluehost does not see things this way and you have to pay a huge amount for deciding to transfer to Bluehost,

so if you are intending to migrate your website from another hosting provider to Bluehost,

so sad, many will not tell you  that you have to pay a whooping sum of $150.

You feel bad right, don’t you? We feel bad too, that’s why you can try A2 Hosting, or 5 cloud Hosting.

in fact, two of my website are on two different hosting Loll,

The reason is that when I tried Bluehost on this website; I wanted to migrate from HostGator to Bluehost, but I wouldn’t just pay the $150,

So I migrated to for free. If you are like me that cared about that migration fee, you can consider 5 cloud Hosting.

Customer Support, on customer support, many people wouldn’t want to talk about it, they think it will send you away,

and those who want to talk about it are those who never used Bluehost hmm ,

so what is it about, honestly, Bluehost customer support is a mixed thing,

Some people think it is good, while others think it is bad. On Trust pilot, the customer support review is 4.5 🌟 but I’m mindful that they could influence some reviews.

Really, oh yea, some reviews are influenced, they will pay some people to make a positive review,

Most times this payment is in form of coins. They will tell you to say good things and a get a coin.

But at our end, we go with a 4.5 rating. I really think that those who have experienced negative customer support called at out- of- work-hour.

Or couldn’t just follow the instructions correctly and get frustrated ,

yeah it happens, well, I do not dispute the possibility of a poor customer service,

It’s just that they are better than other hosting that will never reply to your email.

But if you are not comfortable with Bluehost, you can always try another good Hosting,

I think I said I was going to review how to host your website for five years for just $77? Oh the secret is yeah, I’m not even joking with $77 you have your website for 5 years.

You still didn’t believe it? Go here.

It doesn’t just stop there, let me review more secret,

5 cloud Hosting, gives you;

Daily backups

Free SSL certificate

Firewall & WAF

Virus and malware protection, you remember our discussion on security?

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited Sub domains


30 day’s money refund policy

Etc, if you think it’s good to be true, check here.

lets get started with Bluehost in Australia revirw.

To consider Bluehost in Australia, we had to check how fast a website hosted in Bluehost could be in Australia.

Bluehost Speed in Australia

Even anyone who is new to blogging or hosting of website would know the importance of the speed of a website .

if a website is slow, it will send traffic away,

and if it sends traffic away you are losing money, you’re not just losing money, but it is hurting your search engine optimization overall therefore,

any web hosting you must use must be one that has a good site speed

we have tested the speed of Bluehost in Australia using different Google recognized speed testing tools such as Pingdom. As the image below will tell you, BLUEHOST load faster than those websites in review.

How much does Bluehost cost in Australia?

You would want to agree with me that Bluehost is one of the web hosting companies that is quite affordable,

although it may not be the cheapest but it has a better features and option compared to other web hosting.

 Bluehost Basic plan is the Beginners plan, it cost about $2.95 dollars a month. Oh, you don’t have to pay that much, as our reader,

you could host for as low as $2.50 this offer is limited, see it if it still available here.

In Australia dollars, Bluehost cost about AUD$4, which is equivalent to about 2.95 US dollars. So you would want to see what is available now.

Does Bluehost charge in Australian dollars

Bluehost is an American Company and charges only in US dollars.

Hmm, but Bluehost service is available world-wide, so it accepts various currencies.

To purchase a Bluehost plan, it does not matter what country you are or what currency they charge.

Bluehost charges in US dollars but you can make your payment using your Australia dollars account.

There are no special procedure for doing this,

just go to Bluehost host here and follow the prompts to make your payment,

oh yeah, you can trust Bluehost for the security of your card details.

Please note that they only accept Visa, master card or other forms of payment like stripe, pioneer, PayPal, etc.

The next part of this post would answer the following questions:

Does Bluehost have Australia Server?

You want to know if Bluehost has a server in Australia?

To see whether Bluehost has a server in Australia, we need to consider the following:

Meaning of Server

A server is a computer (set of programs) that enables other computers to connect and these connected computers.

request for information from the server,

the connected computers are called client therefore for Bluehost to offer web hosting services it must own a server.

Meaning of web hosting

web hosting is a service that enables individual like you and I or organization to host or put up a particular web page on the internet.

every web page on the internet is connected to a higher or a giant computer known as the server.

So your blogs, or your website, everything you accessed from the internet would have probably been stored on a particular server.

It is this process of allowing you to put up your pages or data on the internet through the server that is called the web hosting services

Bluehost Australia Review|Pricing|Best Web Hosting


Server v web hosting,

You see that a server is used to host other computers that run a website; it used to host other domains and web pages.

Whereas web hosting is using a server to host several websites.

It does not matter where the website is registered from ,

once it has been uploaded on a server, everyone can access it.

So it does not matter if Bluehost has a server in Australia,

Bluehost can still host your website, and everyone will always be able to access it.


Who own severs?

Anyone can own a server, however servers are very expensive to own and maintain,


for this reason, it is cost efficient for only those who wish to host several websites to own and maintain server.

Every Hosting company owns a server, they can then allocate some spaces for individuals and business to upload their websites on it,

And store their content. Imagine that I had to gather money to own a server before I will start blogging,

to own and maintain server so that individuals can use it is the reason hosting companies exist.

Is Bluehost an American Company?

Bluehost has a long history. Would you like to know? Let’s tell a bit.

The web host, now known today as Bluehost, was conceived first in 1995/1996.

Matt Heaton, who conceived Bluehost in 1995, created other to web host, namely and

Finally, what is now known as Bluehost was set up in 2003 and, ever since then, Bluehost has undergone several developments.

such as CPU throttling and its services have improved.

In 2003, an American company bought Bluehost called Endurance intentional Group.

so if you really cared whether Bluehost is An American Company, oh the answer is in the positive , simply yes.

Bluehost has its headquarter in Orem, Utah United States of America.

Hello!! Do you also care to know that many order web hosting companies are of American origin take HostGator,

A2 hosting, etc. So that shouldn’t stop you unless you are particularly interested in something else.

Is Bluehost available world-wide?

Simple answer, yes, but there is a caveat, if your are underneath the earth, then Bluehost is not for you… Lol

Bluehost is not limited anywhere in the world, it has a strong server almost everywhere.

So if you are considering a hosting company that is worldwide, then Bluehost is for you.

Do you know that more than% 90 of web hosting companies operate worldwide?

So yeah, Bluehost is available worldwide and you can use it anyway, even in Australia, UK, Canada, etc.

because Bluehost uses CDN to deliver your content to the users ,

if you are considering the load speed, it loads fast irrespective of where you are.

I host this website on Bluehost, yet you can see this content from Australia.

don’t be too amazed almost other web hosting are worldwide.

Then we conclude with Best web hosting that available in Australia

Web hosting available in Australia?

Oh shit, we aren’t supposed to be talking about this, but you want to know.

Australia is not like some other countries in Asia with low purchasing power,

if web hosting are not making their services available in Australia, they are obviously leaving money on the table.

So, most web hosting companies allow people in Australia to access it and host a website on it.

In this part of this article, we are going to talk about the web hosting services that are actually available for people in Australia.

Though we will not name all the web hosting company here,

we just going to mention those that we have tried and those that we think they are good hosting company.

the reason is that we want you to always come back to our blog and read our article .

so we would not mention web hosting that we have not tested or hosting that is not reliable.

Bluehost Australia

Obviously, the first web host company that is on our list is Bluehost. They also offer excellent features.

as we shall see,  if we are recommending Bluehost because of the commission,

Everyone on the internet, including WordPress, would not do the same. Bluehost is the recommended hosting company by WordPress .

well maybe because of its significant features and speed site and reliable security, and perhaps the price.

Bluehost has been also been around for several years they introduced at least the name Bluehost in 2003, and it is about 18 years.

Bluehost has been around for several years and there’s no sign that they are going anywhere soon.

so you can trust Bluehost and if you want to check out a discount price, we will put a link just head here to check it out and see for yourself.

if you decide to check out other websites, you see that almost every website on the internet recommends.Bluehost

though it has some pros and Cons, it is still a good option to go with it

A2 hosting in Australia

Another web hosting that you may want to consider is A2 hosting.

it A2 hosting has also been around for a while and it is an American company as well .

A2 hosting has some excellent service, though we are official partner of A2 hosting, but we recommend it for our readers.

 because it’s a good option and we must not recommend only the product that we will get commission from.

Bluehost is good for Beginners, but if you do not like the services offered by Bluehost. try A2 hosting

but you would want to know that no web hosting company is good overall.

They each have limitations, so if you want to consider anyone web hosting.

I do not think there is any web hosting with zero or negative rating

A2 hosting also has a good price, it relatively cheaper than some other web hosting company on the internet. Though It is relatively higher than Bluehost.

The cheapest plan in A2 hosting is..

Unfortunately, we are not officially partner with A2 Hosting, so we don’t have a discount price yet.

A2 hosting also offers a good site speed you would want to check out

5 cloud hosting,

Hello!! another wonderful web hosting you will want to consider 5 cloud hosting.

Well, this is nota lie lol what I am about to say now is not even a lie.

5cloud Hosting is a new web hosting, but it gives you five years hosting plan for as low as $77.

in five years you don’t have to bother about hosting, honestly it seems too good to be true, but that’s what they offer.

5 cloud hosting truly is just $77 for five years. You know what?

they also offer fast web host that are just as fast as other web hosting on the internet.

Gives you back up, data privacy and they also an official partner of CDN.

That you can use. If you want to consider other web hosting in place of Bluehost, we suggest it should be 5 cloud hosting.

Bluehost Australia Monthly renewal

You would also want to consider how much Bluehost cost in a month? unfortunately

Bluehost does not charge monthly. I mean, in the sense that you cannot pay monthly. They only accept annual payment. So you have to pay $2.50 × 12.

 maybe we should tell you that Bluehost offers a monthly plan but only for the VPS hosting, which cost around $25.

Sometimes, it a good thing to make annual payment., at least you can focus on your blog for a year.

How to start a blog on Bluehost Australia

The first step here is to get a niche, that’s the topic you wish to blog about.

For some, their niche is about beauty, a topic they have a passion for.

If you don’t have a niche yet, just brainstorm.

on what is your passion you want to tell your audience

But if you have gotten a niche already, just move to the next step

The second step here is to get a name for your niche. The name of your choice is important.

Chose a simple name that spells your passion, and remember, make it simple. For instance, the name “nail art”.

A niche that has this name. Once a person sees it, that person will know it about “nail art” hope you get me.

The last step here is for you to go on to Bluehost, go on to, It will prompt you to enter a domain name.

Yes, you can place the domain name you have already got set. Bluehost can give you FREE DOMAIN NAME.

Please don’t forget to make your domain name reflect your topic. Make it concise and simple.

Good luck!!!

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